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Abi Franklin, grease monkey.

Abigail "Abi" Webster (nee Franklin) is the cheery and feisty mother of Seb Franklin. She was originally a slightly depressed woman due to taking drugs. Due to this, her younger children were taken into foster care and Seb went to live with his employer Pat Phelan. Abi later mended her ways and became a bit of a cheery gossipy type character and got a job at Webster's Autos. She did seem to be slipping back to her old ways in June 2018 when she took advantage of Eileen Phelan. In May 2021, her son Seb was beaten and kicked to death by Corey Brent and his mates. Abi was devastated, and her son's death has made her a more serious and sincere person, and she even has dabbled with drugs again. After Corey was finally exposed as Seb's killer in November 2021, she married her partner Kevin Webster, but not before cheating on him.

Abi is played by Sally Carman.



Abigail Franklin was born in about 1980. She grew up on a council estate, her gran used to say "one of my heads" when she had a headache. In 2000 while in a relationship, Abi fell pregnant. In March 2001, Abi gave birth to Seb Franklin. Seb's dad abandoned them and Abi raised Seb alone. Abi later dated Darren and they had twins Charlie Franklin and Lexi Franklin in 2012.


Abi was neglecting her 3 children and they were taken away from her due to her drug addiction.

In 2018, Abi secured a job at Webster's Autos, working for Kevin Webster and Tyrone Dobbs. She vowed to turn her life around. As Eileen Grimshaw allowed Seb to stay at No 11 until she finds a tenant, Abi invited herself to move in when Eileen left for Bristol. Abi even pretended to be Eileen when the letting agents arrived, and said the house is no longer for rent. Eileen's friend Steve McDonald inspected the house which was a mess. He even caught her having a party there with friends and they flirted with him. He was going to tell Eileen but Abi said if he does, she will send his girlfriend Tracy Barlow pictures of him being groped by her friends. When Abi fixed the van of a customer, she saw drugs so tipped off the police. Abi later overheard Steve McDonald rubbishing her mothering skills. Abi later shared a friendly scene with Steve and they even shared a kiss, in true typical fashion.

In 2019, Abi started a relationship with Peter Barlow. She later split from Peter and started dating Kevin Webster. Abi loves flitting from bloke to bloke. In 2020, Abi hurt her arm and while in hospital, she stole a bottle of morphine. By chance, Peter saw her. He soon gave her advice on addiction, seeing as Abi was once a drug addict and he was an alcoholic. Peter was back with Carla and she suspected him of having an affair with Abi. Peter reassured her it was platonic. Kevin's sister Debbie Webster returned to Weatherfield and kept an eye on Abi and did the pep talk of "Don't hurt my brother". Abi and Kev carried on their relationship.

In May 2021, Abi's son Seb was dating Nina Lucas and due to Nina dressing as a goth, she and Seb were followed by Corey Brent and his mates. Kelly Neelan was also there. Seb was beaten and kicked to death by Corey and his mates. Seb was soon rushed to hospital but died on the operating theatre table. Abi was devastated and sunk into a deep depression. She vowed to find the scum who did this to Seb.


Abi losing her son Seb tragically is a throwback to when Ivy Brennan lost her son Brian Tilsley in similar circumstances in 1989, and Ivy became fixated on the memory of her dead son, turning her even more of a battleaxe than she was before Brian died.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 2-30 October 2017, 8-17 January 2018, 20 April 2018-

Born: About 1980-1983 (said to be late 30s in March 2022, although this was an estimate of Abi's age)

Full Name: Abigail Franklin




Children: Seb Franklin (2001), Charlie Franklin, Lexi Franklin (c2010), Alfie (2022)