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Adrian Clarkson was a fellow student and friend of Ken Barlow in the early 1960s, and met with him at a student reunion in 2008.



Adrian Clarkson attended Manchester University in the early 1960s alongside friend Ken Barlow. He presumably graduated as Ken did in 1961. After leaving university, he got married and had children. By 2008, he was retired.


In July 2008 Clarkson and other students attended a reunion, which Ken himself also attended. The former university librarian Marian Lund also attended the reunion and got chatting to Clarkson and Ken, where it was learned that a former friend of there's had died. Clarkson and Ken caught up about old times, where it was learned that a retired Clarkson had bought himself a farmhouse. During the reunion Ken failed to mention that he was still living on Coronation Street, where he has spent all his life.

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