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Alan Patrick Howard was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 932 - 1 Dec 1969 to Ep 1357 - 16 Jan 1974. He was the 3rd husband of Elsie Tanner. Alan was played by Alan Browning.



Alan Howard.

Alan Patrick Howard was born on the 23rd April 1924 in Newcastle. He was one of 4 children. Alan later met and married Laura Dennet and they had one son, Mark Howard in 1952.


Alan Howard made Elsie Tanner the manageress of his salon. They soon start dating. In the end, Alan left the area after Elsie says she does not want to marry again. Alan returns to Weatherfield in July 1970, and pleads with Elsie to take him back, telling her he is ready to commit. Elsie forgives Alan and the pair marry a couple of weeks later.

After 1974[]

Elsie returned to Weatherfield alone in April 1976, stating that her and Alan are on a trial separation. The following year, he embarked on an affair with an employee named Elaine Dennett. Elaine visited Elsie in Weatherfield asking her to divorce Alan so Elaine can marry him. Elsie visited Alan in Newcastle in 1977, but shortly afterwards received a letter from him asking for a divorce as he intended to remarry. Despite Elsie not wanting to, the divorce went ahead in 1978. It is unknown if Alan went ahead and remarried afterwards as he said.

What became of Alan after 1978 is unknown. If still alive in 2020, he would be 96.


  • In real life, Alan Browning and Patricia Phoenix married in real life in 1972. When Phoenix suddenly quit the role of Elsie in 1973 to return to the stage, Alan soon followed, although Elsie and Alan didn't depart on-screen together, rather Alan last appeared in January 1974 to bring closure. Phoenix returned to the programme in 1976, although Alan didn't return, apart from a voice-over appearance in 1977 when Elsie read a letter sent by Alan, which marked his final contribution to the programme. Alan passed away in 1979 with liver failure following years of alcohol abuse, although his character wasn't killed off-screen.
  • It isn't clarified if Alan and Elaine married following his divorce of Elsie in 1978, as Elsie had no further contact with him after the breakdown of their marriage.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 1 Dec 1969-4 Mar 1970, 6 Jul 1970-21 Nov 1973, 14-16 Jan 1974. Followed by a voice appearance on 20 July 1977.

Born: 23rd April 1924, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland

Full Name: Alan Patrick Howard


Siblings: 3 siblings

SpouseLaura Howard (Nee Dennet) (??-Bef 1969), Elsie Tanner (1970-1978)

Children: Mark Howard (1952)