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Albert Tatlock was a character in Coronation Street from the first episode in 1960 to Ep 2381 - 25 Jan 1984. He lived at No 1 Coronation Street and was a grumpy old man at the best of times. As Ken Barlow was once married to Albert's niece, Valerie Barlow (Nee Tatlock), Ken and Albert were close, and Ken saw Albert as a father figure. Albert went to stay with his daughter Beattie in early 1984 and died offscreen there in May. Albert was played by Jack Howarth.



Albert Tatlock was born on the 8th August 1895 in Weatherfield, Salford, Lancashire to William Tatlock and Emmeline Tatlock nee Duckworth. Albert was educated at Bessie Street School. In 1902 Albert was 7 when his younger brother Alfred Tatlock was born. Albert was close to his Jewish uncle by marriage Thomas Osbourne, who was married to Mary Osbourne (Nee Tatlock). Albert had another aunty Ada Broadbent. He also had an uncle called Horace Duckworth.


Albert Tatlock in 1977 at the Jubilee Party.

Albert Tatlock was 65 years old in December 1960. He was a very active older resident. He did have a habit of being grumpy and moaning a lot. (a running joke is that the Rovers Return toilets lead into his front room, hence why he was always so grumpy, due to people walking into his living room from the pub).

In August 1975, Albert turned 80. The following March, he and Stan Ogden were locked in the cellar for the night. Albert and Stan spoke about WW1 and WW2. Albert was old enough to be Stan's father and they had both fought in different wars. They were then barred by Annie Walker. The ban was soon lifted.

In 1983, Albert was now 88 and even at almost 90, he was still quite active. He paid his respects when Len died in December 1983.

He went to live with his daughter Beattie in early 1984 and planned on returning to Coronation Street but died on the 14th May 1984 aged almost 89. He was reading the newspaper when he died. Beatte returned to break the news to Ken and Deirdre.


On New Year's Day 2000 Ken thought back to Albert Tatlock and their conversation from the first episode.

Albert's picture still stands in the mantelpiece in the living room of Number 1 Coronation Street. In May 2009 when Ken contemplated leaving Deirdre for his lover Martha Fraser, he put the picture face down out of shame.

In 2008 Ken's mother-in-law Blanche Hunt was compared to Albert, with Ken commenting that she was becoming like him everyday. Like Albert Blanche had also occupied the front room of Number 1.

In 2014 Tracy sold Albert's war medal to pay for her wedding to Rob Donovan. A disgusted Deirdre ordered her to get it back, which Tracy complied.

Background information[]

  • Albert was the second longest running original character, as he appeared continuously from December 1960 to January 1984 (23 years and 1 month).
  • Albert was almost axed from the show in 1964 by producer Tim Aspinall but he was given a reprieve. The axing was going to see Albert, Ken, Valerie and Frank emigrate to Australia.
  • Although Albert was mostly known for his crabbiness and complaining, he wasn't like this in the early years on the show as he was a charming old man and even described as a gentleman by Elsie Tanner.
  • Albert's last ever episode on the 25th January 1984 had his scene cut from the 1990s Granada Plus reruns.
  • To this day, 2 photos of Albert Tatlock remain in the living room of No 1 Coronation Street. One is a photo of him on his 80th birthday in 1975 and the other, on the dresser is of him in 1962 when he was a lolipop man. In real life these are 2 publicity photos of the actor Jack Howarth posing during filming of the show.
  • In 1996, Emily Bishop said Albert would be 100 by now if he was still alive.
  • In 2014, Albert's nephew in law Ken's adoptive daughter Tracy Barlow said how Albert used to smell of cabbages. She and Rob Donovan, her boyfriend tried to sell his old medals, much to Deirdre's disgust.
  • The character was reprised by Joe Duttine (who plays Tim Metcalfe) as part of the 2015 Text Santa appeal which broadcast on the 18th December 2015.


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Memorable info[]

Appearances: 9 December 1960–25 January 1984

Born: 8th August 1895

Died: 14th May 1984

Full Name: Albert Tatlock

Parents: William Tatlock and Emmeline Tatlock (Nee Duckworth)

Siblings: Alfred Tatlock

Grandfathers: Alfred Tatlock Snr

Grandmothers: Louisa Tatlock

SpouseBessie Vickery (1919-1959)

Children: Beattie Pearson (nee Tatlock) (1933)

Aunts: Mary Osbourne (Nee Tatlock), Ada Broadbent

Uncles: Horace Duckworth

NiecesJoyce Tatlock, Valerie Barlow