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Alison Webster
First appearance Unseen
Last appearance Unseen
Status Deceased
Birth Circa 1944, Weatherfield
Death 1980
Home Weatherfield
Spouse(s) Bill Webster (1964-1980)
Children Kevin Webster (1965), Debbie Webster, (1968)

'Alison Webster (Nee Cartwright) was an unseen character in Coronation Street and was the late wife of Bill Webster and the mother to Kevin Webster and Debbie Webster.



Alison Cartwright was born in about 1946 in Weatherfield. She married Bill Webster on the 3rd April 1964. They had their first child Kevin Webster in September 1965. A daughter Debbie Webster was born in 1968.

In early 1984, Kevin said he used to visit his uncle Ted and aunty Alice when his mum died, hinting they were from his mothers side. Kevin did not say which one of the two was his mothers sibling. Kevin's dad Bill did not have any siblings.

In September 1984, Debbie Webster, then aged 16, said she was not much younger than her mum was when she married Bill. Bill and Alison wed in 1964, so Alison was about 18 at the time.

Memorable info[]

Born: About 1946

Died: 1980

Full Name: Alison Webster (Nee Cartwright)


Siblings: Ted or Alice (Kevin spoke of his aunty and uncle Ted and Alice)

Spouse: Bill Webster (1964-1980)

Children: Kevin Webster (1965), Debbie Webster (1968)

Grandchildren: Rosie Webster, Sophie Webster, Jake Webster, Jack Webster