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Alma Marie Baldwin (formerly Sedgewick nee Halliwell) was a character in Coronation Street in 1981, 1982 and 1988, and again as a regular character from 1989 to 2001. Alma worked at Jim's Cafe, Rosamund Street. She died in June 2001 of cervical cancer. She was also the first cousin of serial killer Richard Hillman. Alma was played by Amanda Barrie.



Alma Marie Halliwell was born on the 18th October 1945 in Rochdale to George Halliwell and Florrie Halliwell, one of at least 2 daughters, as she had a younger sister Kath. Alma was close to her younger cousin Richard Hillman but they lost contact when Richard was still young. Their mothers fell out over a family feud. Alma later moved to Weatherfield and married Jim Sedgewick in 1976. She was pregnant in 1977 but aborted the child. Around this time, her and Richard had briefly made contact as he met her husband Jim, although they lost contact once again, this time permanently.

1981, 1982, 1988[]

Alma's first appearance in 1981.

Alma first appears in June 1981 in which she is running her husband's cafe single-handed, although finds it difficult. Elsie Tanner becomes frustrated with Alma at the cafe as she proves to be too lazy, leaving Elsie to do most of the work. Elsie gets fed up and walks out.

The following year Alma splits from Jim and gets the cafe in the divorce. Gail Tilsley asks Alma for her job back which Alma accepts. But Alma proves she hasn't changed much from the last time she ran the cafe as she goes off with a man and leaves Gail to run the cafe on her own. This forces Gail to put her foot down as she doesn't want to keep running the fort on her own.

Alma remains off-screen for six years, although still runs the cafe but lets the other staff do the work.


A cash strapped Alma takes a more active role in the cafe to make more money, and also gives Gail a 40% share in the business and they start a successful partnership. Alma sets her sights on local wiseboy businessman Mike Baldwin. Their relationship was on and off due to Mike always dumping her for somebody who could help with his career, but in 1992 he realised he had a good thing going with Alma and proposed to her, which she accepted. They married in 1992.

Alma was kidnapped by Mike's enemy Don Brennan in 1997, and he attempted to kill her by driving them into the canal. They both survived and Don was imprisoned for kidnapping. Don was later diagnosed with cancer and asked Alma for forgiveness, which she accepted. But he still had a score to settle with Mike. He stole Alma's car and sped to Coronation Street, where he attacked Mike in his factory. Don fled the scene and got into the car, where he made a last ditch effort to kill Mike by running him over. Don misses and crashes into the viaduct, causing the car to catch fire which kills him.

This same year Alma left the cafe and moved onto working at Firman's Freezers. She left Mike in 1999 after finding out about his affair with Julia Stone, and moved in with a recently widowed Audrey Roberts, whose husband Alf passed away in the New Year. Despite wanting to initially reconcile with Mike she realised she didn't love him anymore, and his relationship with Linda Sykes prompted Alma to finally divorce Mike.

In 2001 Alma received devastating news that a misdiagnosis and missed smear test meant she had developed cervical cancer. It had extended to such a degree that it meant it was not treatable.

Alma decided that she didn't want to die in hospital, and instead resided at Audrey's house where she passed away on 17th June 2001, surrounded by her friends including Mike, Audrey and Ken Barlow.


Alma bids a final farewell to her friends via a pre-recording before her death.

A video that Alma made before her death was played at her funeral, which allowed her a final goodbye to her friends and neighbours. Her cousin Richard attended the funeral after finding out about her death. But unfortunately Richard now had a few screws loose and killed off a couple of neighbours, and even tried to kill Audrey and Gail. He later died in 2003, almost two years following Alma's passing. At the pearly gates, Alma could have beaten Hillman up on his way past, which was on his way to hell, for trying to kill her best friend Audrey.

Her friend Hayley Cropper died in a similar way to Alma in 2014, although Hayley chose to take her own life before the cancer claimed her.


  • Alma is very likely the first cousin of Richard Hillman as he said so when he was at her funeral. There is a very small chance that this may have been part of his con to turn up at a random funeral claiming to be a distant relative so as to get to know the mourners then plan to fleece them, but if so, how did he know who Alma was? Seems plausible that he actually was her cousin, and used that to worm his way into Audrey's life. Richard said their mothers fell out over a family quarrel years ago. Richard knew a lot about her and said he read about her death in the paper. Plus, it was never denied when Richard's lies were exposed. He did use the fact that he was Alma's cousin as part of his con to fleece her friends. When alive, Alma had never mentioned Richard before however this is not unusual as lots of characters never mention relatives until they finally appear.
  • Alma was a recurring character in 1981 and 1982, followed by another stint in late 1988 then a full time return in 1989. Alma went on to marry scoundrel Mike Bladwin.
  • Alma's last appearance was on on 20th June 2001, just two days short of the 20th anniversary of her first appearance on the show.


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Memorable info[]

Appearances: 22 June 1981-1 July 1981, 19 April 1982-30 June 1982, 7 November 1988-16 November 1988, 24 April 1989-20 June 2001.

Born: 18th October 1945, Rochdale, Lancashire

Died: 17th June 2001 (Aged 55)

Full Name: Alma Marie Baldwin (Nee Halliwell)

Parents: George Halliwell and Florrie Halliwell

Siblings: Kath Simpson

Spouse: Jim Sedgewick (1976-1982), Mike Baldwin (1992-1999)

Aunts: Pamela Hillman

Cousins: Richard Hillman, Dickie (possibly)