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Amy Carlton was an unseen character in Coronation Street and the mother of Minnie Caldwell and her sister Lettie Carlton. She died in July 1962 during the shows run but died offscreen.


Amy married Bob Carlton, and the pair of them went on to have two daughters, Lettie and Minnie. By 1960 an elderly Amy stayed with Minnie at 15 Jubilee Terrace, where she was quite bossy and domineering, a stark contrast to the timid and easy going Minnie. In April 1961, Minnie's friend Ena Sharples needed a place to stay and asked Minnie to put her up, however Minnie had to turn her down as she lived with her mother. Ena instead opted to stay with their other best friend Martha Longhurst.

In November that year when Ena again needed a place to stay having moved out of the vestry, she turned up at Minnie's home and said that her and her mother now had themselves a lodger. Ena began to takeover the household and Amy remained in her bed, however began to annoy Ena by banging on the ceiling. Ena eventually moved out.

Amy passed away in July 1962, at the ripe old age of 94.


  • The character completely remained off-screen in the time before her death, however she could be heard banging about upstairs in Minnie Caldwell's home.

Memorable info[]

Born: 1868

Died: 4th July 1962, Jubilee Terrace, Weatherfield, Lancashire

Full Name: Amy Carlton



Spouses: Bob Carlton (??-??)

Children: Lettie Carlton (1898), Minnie Caldwell (Nee Carlton ) (1900)

Grandchildren: Unknown