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Angela Hawthorne was the ex-wife of Derek Wilton, Norris Cole and many other men.



She had a son named Neville in 1963, presumably from an early marriage.

Angela married Derek Wilton in 1986, although it wasn't a happy marriage and the pair ended up divorcing in 1987. She later married Mervyn Catchpole in 1989, although this ended up in divorce.


In 1994 she began to go out with Derek's frenemy Norris Cole, and married Norris the following year, making him her third official husband. After Derek passed away in 1997, Angela was too upset to attend the funeral, so Norris ended up going without her. In 1999, Norris moved to Coronation Street, having divorced from Angela. She married a further two times to Ivor and George, both marriages ending in divorce.

The last time she was seen when she turned up at the Kabin in 2005 to offer Norris a job, although he later turned it down. In August 2007 she passed away, and Norris along with her other ex-husbands attended the funeral together.


  • Angela appeared for a total of six episodes from 1994 to 2005, and was played by Diane Fletcher in these appearances. For a large amount of the time the character was mentioned, which went as far back as the 1980s.
  • Despite her numerous marriages, she kept her surname Hawthorne.
  • She is in third place as the most married character in the show, as she has been confirmed to be married at least 5 times, putting her behind Steve McDonald (who has had 7 marriages) and Gail Rodwell (6 marriages). If she was married to Neville's unnamed father in the early 1960s, this would put her at a tie with Gail.

Memorable Info[]

Appearances: 28 Oct–11 Nov 1994, 24 Feb 1995, 29 Dec 1995 (walk-on cameo), 16–18 Sep 2005


Full Name:


Siblings: Donald Hawthorne


Children: Neville Hawthorne (1963)