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Anne Foster was the mother of Frank Foster.

She was played by Gwen Taylor.



Anne and her husband Sam met with Frank and his fiancee Carla Connor. Carla got drunk during the night and later got into her car, with Frank following her. She crashed into Barlow's Bookies. Frank took the rap for the incident as Carla was banned from driving due to previously been found drunk behind the wheel the year before. He told his parents at the hospital that he was responsible for the crash and running over Stella Price, although they were unsure whether or not to believe the story.

Carla later reported Frank to the police after he raped her. During his hearing Anne and Sam attended. When the hearing said that Frank wouldn't be let out on bail, Anne lunged at Carla and had to be held back by Sam. Frank later sent his mother to help co-manage Underworld with Carla during his imprisonment, making it clear to Carla that Frank was not out of her life quite yet. Frank managed to get bailed and he and his mother relocated all of Underworld's assets to another location, without Carla's involvement. Although Anne believed her son was innocent, Frank used these situation to torment Carla further.

Anne was widowed when Sam passed away in January 2012, which she put down to the stress of Frank's trial. Frank wanted to "prove" that Carla was lying and used the rape "accusation" to get him out of the way so she can be with her lover Peter Barlow, whom she was having an affair with behind the back of his wife Leanne. Frank hired a private investigator to photograph Peter and Carla meeting up at a hotel. The photos were shown to a shocked Leanne to a trial by Anne, although Frank was later found not guilty of rape. Frank then returned to the factory.

Anne's support for Frank wavered when she discovered Frank was having an affair with Jenny Sumner behind the back of his partner Sally Webster, who had supported Frank throughout the trial. Anne begged Frank to come clean, although he threatened to throw her out of the factory if she told Sally. Anne told Sally anyway and Sally tried to stop Carla signing over Underworld to Frank, but it was too late. Later on Anne stayed in the shadows as she overheard Frank gloating to Carla about conning her out of the factory and also raping her, and even hinting that he would rape her again as part of a "hat trick". Carla fled the scenes, unaware that Anne was present. Anne confronted her son and told him be basically killed his father. Frank taunted his mother, which caused her to grab a nearby bottle left by Carla and smashing him over the head. Frank was killed, and a terrified Anne fled the scene.

The investigation into Frank's murder mainly focused on Carla and Peter, and Carla's bottle was found discarded with her fingerprints on it, making her the prime suspect. Anne hoped to inherit Underworld was it was all that she had left, but Carla's friend Michelle Connor stole the contract, meaning that Carla was still the owner.

During Frank's funeral Anne left early to return home, even though it was originally planned for the wake to take place at the house. Sally followed her home fearing Anne was going to harm herself, and found her cradling Frank's stuff which included a watch missing from him after his murder. Sally realised Anne killed Frank and tried to flee but tripped over and knocked herself out. Carla later visited and wanted to know how much Anne knew about the rape. She discovered Sally's unconscious body which led to Anne suffering a mental breakdown and pulling a knife out on Carla. Anne was later overpowered by Kevin Webster and was taken into custody by the police, where she made a confession to killing Frank. Sally later made a recovery in hospital. The outcome of Anne's fate for killing Frank went unmentioned, although it is assumed she was given some sort of a sentence for his murder and trying to cover it up.


  • In March 2011 Frank mentioned to Maria Connor that his mother was dead, even though she would turn up alive and well in September that year. It is unknown if this was deliberate on the writers part for Frank to try and get sympathy out of Maria, or that it was a script error. If it was a lie Maria didn't bring this up when she interacted with Anne later on.
  • Anne departed the series as part of a "Whodunnit" storyline involving Frank's murder. She wasn't included on the suspect list for the viewers, likely to keep any suspicion away from her and also because within the storyline the police didn't suspect her.

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