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Anne Malone was a recurring character in Coronation Street from Ep 3906 - 8 Sep 1995 to Ep 4488 - 11 Oct 1998. She was a supervisor at Firman's Freezers then Freshco's Supermarket, Weatherfield. Anne Malone froze to death when she was accidentally locked in a freezer at Freshco's while gaining revenge on Curly Watts for rejecting her. Anne was the Titanic of Wethy, she picked a fight with ice and lost. Anne was played by Eve Steele.



Anne Malone was born circa 1975, the daughter of Ed Malone and Sarah Malone. She worked in retail and later got a job as a supervisor at Firman's Freezers, her boss being Eric Firman.


A frozen Anne Malone. Anyone for supper?

Anne Malone worked at Firman's Freezers. She had a crush on Curly Watts. Anne also dated Andy McDonald. Anne also feuded with Spider Nugent. In February 1997, Anne tried to set up Samantha Failsworth by planting something in her bag, and then told Eric Firman that Samantha stole it. Sheila Dixon vouched for Sam, and Anne was sacked by Eric. Anne then left the area. However she was to cross paths again with the Coronation Street residents.

In August 1998, Anne crossed paths with Curly again when she said she was the new area manager of Firman's Freezers. Anne found Alma Baldwin with a security tape, and sacked her thinking she had stolen it.

In October 1998 Anne plays sour grapes on Curly for him rejecting her. She wants to sabotage Curly. She sprays WD-40 on fish fingers stored inside Frescho's supermarket's freezer. However, her plans backfire fatally when Trevor, a security guard unknowingly locks her inside the freezer after seeing the door is open, and not seeing Anne in the freezer. Anne was concentrating on spraying the antifreeze on the food packets, so did not hear Trevor shut and lock the door. Anne later finishes spraying so goes to open the door but it is bolted shut. She frantically calls out for Trevor, even calling him stupid for locking the door, but no one hears her. About half an hour later she was shouting out again for help but no one could hear her and she was probably doomed. Anne subsequently loses consciousness and freezes to death overnight and her body is discovered the following morning.

Spider is arrested for murder as the police believed he killed her in an environmental protest. A videotape vindicates Spider and he is released. Anne was later laid to rest.

In 2021, almost 23 years after Anne was locked in the freezer, Kevin Webster and his sister Debbie Webster were purposely locked in a freezer by nasty businessman Ray Crosby, a kind of throwback to when Anne was frozen to death in the freezer. Kevin and Debbie were rescued, so Anne's crown as the only Wethy resident to die in a freezer was not stolen off her by Debbie or Kevin.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 8 September 1995-23 February 1997, 21 August 1998-11 Oct 1998

Born: Unknown, about 1975

Died: 11th October 1998

Full Name: Anne Malone

Parents: Ed Malone and Sarah Malone

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: None

Children: None