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Ashley Sibelus Peacock was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 3812 - 1 Feb 1995 to 2010. He was the meek and mild "nephew" of Fred Elliott until it transpired he was Fred's son by a brief fling he had with his employee, and that Ashley was adopted out as a baby to Fred's sister who raised him as her own. It was always hinted to viewers of the show that Fred and Ashley may be father and son seeing as Fred was so keen for Ashley to run the family butchers shop. Ashley was killed in the tram crash in December 2010, last appearing in Ep 7486 - 8 Dec 2010. He was played by Steven Arnold.



Ashley Sibelus Peacock was born on the 24th January 1977, the illegitimate son of Fred Elliott and Kathleen Gutteridge. Kathleen had dated Fred in 1976 and when she said she was pregnant, Fred proposed and she turned him down. Fred and his sister Beryl Peacock agreed to give the baby to her and her husband and bring him up as their own, they named him Ashley Sibelus Peacock. Ashley's birth mother Kathleen swiftly left Weatherfield once Ashley was born. Fred promised not to let Ashley know the truth about his parentage. Fred watched Ashley at a school sports day and Ashley won the race. Fred was so proud of him, knowing his "nephew" was his son. Ashley later left school and started work for Fred, who seemed very keen to leave his empire to Ashley one day when he was no longer around.


Ashley Peacock with Curly Watts.

Ashley was 18 years old in February 1995 and was helping his "Uncle" Fred out at Freshco's. Ashley dated his old school friend Kelly Thomson. Ashley later lodged with Don Brennan at Number 5 Coronation Street. Ashley saw Don as a father figure to him. Ashley later finished with Kelly and begun dating Maxine Heavey. Fred planned to leave his butchers shop and meat counter to Ashley once he died. Ashley became good friends with Nick Tilsley and they became housemates. In May 1999 Fred told recently widowed Audrey Roberts that he had a son. He told her his secret and she promised to keep quiet, but Audrey being Audrey told Maxine and word soon got round to Ashley. Ashley was annoyed that Fred had a son that he had not told him about, and was worried he'd get nothing when Fred died until Fred, under pressure, told Ashley that he was that son and not his nephew. "I'm not your Uncle Fred Ashley. I'm your father" said Fred. Fred did not repeat that sentence though with "I say" at the start as he often had this comic repetition of things he said.

Ashley had an identity crisis. Fred said he employed a girl called Kathleen Gutteridge in 1976, and they romanced and she was soon pregnant. She had comforted him after his wife Sybil Elliott's death in 1975. She worked at Fred's butchers in Nelson Street. Fred said when he proposed she laughed at him, as she did not want to commit. So Fred agreed to give the baby to his sister Beryl who could not have children. He said he promised to keep it a secret. Beryl and her husband would bring the baby up as theirs. Fred said he has been aching to tell Ashley since the day he was born, and due to having no choice, Fred had to break the promise he made to Beryl. Ashley and Fred soon bonded and they both agreed to parade as uncle and nephew to the neighbours who were no the wiser about their true blood link.

In November 1999, Ashley, Fred and other Freshco's staff went on a hiking weekend around the moors as part of a competition. They yomped across the moors at night, in the middle of winter and in the pouring rain. Fred slipped and rolled down a hill but landed on his back. Ashley even whispered "Dad" to Fred. When the others ran up to see what had happened the tyrannical team leader Curly Watts said that they should leave Fred on the moors alone all night and they send someone back to help him so they don't lose any points. Ashley said he is not leaving Fred alone as he could die. hey all agreed to carry Fred back to base.

Ashley was widowed in 2003 when Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman, although Richard wasn't exposed as the true killer until later on.

Ashley later dated Claire Casey. They married in 2004. Their son Freddie was born in 2006. That same year, Ashley lost his dad Fred, who passed away from a heart attack.

In 2010 the Peacocks made a decision to move to France for a new life, but Ashley ended up being caught in The Joinery bar when it exploded, causing a tram to derail and crash onto the street. He held up a beam to allow his best friend Nick Tilsley to drag out an injured Peter Barlow. Nick was successful and tried to beckon Ashley to come with him, but Ashley ordered him to quickly leave before the beam gave way, crushing him to death.


Claire was understandably devastated by Ashley's death, and she decided not to emigrate to France as the memories of Ashley was on the street. However she ended up leaving anyway when forced to flee the country with Joshua and Freddie after she attacked the villainous Tracy Barlow for mocking Ashley's memory. After Ashley's death, his butcher's shop closed down, bringing an end to the Elliot/Peacock meat empire in Weatherfield.

In December 2020, 10 years after Ashley died, Nick mentioned how about 10 years ago he was killed in the tram crash and was Nick's best friend and Ashley is never forgotten.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 1–3 February 1995, 2 February 1996–8 December 2010

Born: 24th January 1977, Weatherfield, Manchester

Died: 9th December 2010, (Aged 33), Coronation Street, Weatherfield (Killed by falling rubble)

Full Name: Ashley Sibelus Peacock

Parents: Fred Elliott and Kathleen Gutteridge

Siblings: None

Grandfathers: William Elliott

Grandmothers: Amelia Elliott

Great Grandfathers: Bernard Cartwright

SpousesMaxine Heavey (1999-2003), Claire Casey (2004-2010)

Children: Freddie Peacock

Aunts: Beryl Peacock