Bernard Cartwright was an unseen character in Coronation Street and was the maternal grandfather of established character Fred Elliott. In 2000, Ken Barlow, through his journalistic skills found out Bernard was a murderer and that Victoria Street used to be called Cartwright Street.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Bernard Cartwright was born in about 1875 in Weatherfield. His family owned shops in Cartwright Street in Weatherfield. He married in about 1894 and had a daughter Amelia Cartwright in about 1896. In 1897 Bernard found that his wife was having an affair and he killed her. Her lover quickly emigrated to Australia.

Bernard was later hanged for murder.

Memorable info[edit | edit source]

Born: Unknown, about 1875

Died: About 1897 (Hanged for murdering his wife)

Full name: Bernard Cartwright



SpouseAlice Rafferty (c1895-1897)

Children: Amelia Elliott (Nee Cartwright), 2 sons

Grandchildren: Fred Elliott, Beryl Peacock

Great Grandchildren: Ashley Peacock

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