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Bill Gregory was a character in Coronation Street on a recurring basis from 1961 to Ep 2375 - 4 Jan 1984. He was the on off lover of Elsie Tanner. Bill was played by Jack Watson.



William Gregory was born in about 1920. He joined the army and was a friend of Len Fairclough. In 1949, Bill left the army and then married Phyllis.


Bill Gregory arrived in Weatherfield in September 1961 to see his friend Len Fairclough and started to date Elsie Tanner. He did not say he was married. In 1962, when Phyllis arrived, Bill decided to leave with her.

In February 1970, Bill's wife had died by then and he wanted Elsie to help him run a wine bar in Portugal but she said she was in love with Alan Howard. Bill returned to Portugal alone. This was his last visit to Weatherfield for over 13 years.

In December 1983, Bill heard his friend Len had died earlier that year so he paid another visit. He met up with Elsie again and he asked her to return to Portugal. Elsie said her roots are in Weatherfield. In the end, while chatting to her friends Bet Lynch and Betty Turpin about opportunities, she suddenly decided to join Bill, and said she was crazy for doing so but will join him. She arranged for her daughter Linda Cheveski to organise the sale of No 11 Coronation Street.

After 1984[]

By mid January 1984, Bill and Elsie were settled in Portugal. They retired and lived the life of luxury in the sun. They married that year. 20 years later in 2004, Bill and Elsie died in a car crash. She was 81 and he was about 85. Dennis mentioned their deaths to Rita Sullivan upon his return to Weatherfield in 2011.



  • Bill was absent from November 1961 to July 1962 due to the Equity Actor's strike, which meant that several cast members were unable to have their contracts renewed and were out of the programme for long periods of time, or some didn't get brought back at all. Bill only came back briefly in July 1962 to provide a proper exit and to end his ties with Elsie Tanner.
  • Jack Watson reprised the role in 1970, eight years following his original exit. He later came back for another guest return over thirteen years later in December 1983, which was to tie with the exit of Elsie Tanner as Patricia Phoenix decided to quit the show after 23 years on and off. He departed on the 4th January 1984, the same episode Elsie left the street for good.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 18 September–1 November 1961, 2–11 July 1962, 16–25 February 1970,
26 December 1983–4 January 1984

Born: About 1920

Died: c.2004 (Aged 81-85)

Full Name: William Gregory



Spouse: Elsie Tanner (1984-c.2004)

Children: None