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Billy Williams was a character in Coronation Street from 1995 to Ep 4143 - 14 Feb 1997. He was the second husband of Betty Williams. He was played by Frank Mills.



William Williams was born on the 18th August 1921. As a young soldier, Billy met Betty Preston, and she lost her virginity to him. Billy later married another woman and they had a son Phil Williams. Billy retired in 1986 when he turned 65.


In May 1995, Billy attended the VE Day anniversary bash in the Rovers. He recognised his old flame Betty Turpin. The pair of them were stunned when they discovered they had written to each other but the letters never reached one another. Billy revealed that he proposed marriage to Betty in one of the letters, which stunned her. Billy wanted to pick up where they left off and proposed to Betty, although she turned him down due to still feeling married to her late husband Cyril Turpin. After returning from a holiday in September 1997 Billy supported Betty when she was burgled and moved in with her, and still pressed the idea for marriage. He moved out when it wasn't working and turned up at her workplace drunk and announced his love for her. Billy felt guilty for showing Betty up and apologised to her, but she forgave him and agreed to marry him.

Prior to the wedding Billy met Betty's son Gordon Clegg. Gordon wondered if Billy was his real father, but Betty assured him he wasn't. The pair wedded in October 1995, and went on a honeymoon to Torquay.

In February 1997, Billy told the Duckworths that they had a new grandchild, Brad Armstrong.

In November 1997, Billy died offscreen of a heart attack aged 76, leaving Betty widowed once again.

Background info[]

Billy last appeared in February 1997, telling Jack and Vera they had a new grandson. Billy continued to exist offscreen until November that year when he died of a heart attack, so he never got a proper on screen exit.

Memorable info[]

Born: 18th August 1921

Died: 3rd November 1997

Full Name: William Williams



SpouseA wife (??-Bef 1995), Betty Turpin (1995-1997)

Children: Phil Williams