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Barlow Crime Family

The Barlow Crime Family (or the Barlow Empire) are an old criminal organinsation in Weatherfield that has spanned generations. Their main base of operations has been Coronation Street, first at Number 3 before later transferring to Number 1. Ken Barlow is the current head of the family having led it since the 1960s, although he plans to step down and retire in 2020 after a service of nearly sixty years. Peter Barlow and Tracy Barlow (top capos in the family) will take over the running of the family. , the original boss of the Barlow crime family.]] It isn't exactly known how far back the Barlow Crime Family have existed, although it is presumably following World War II in 1945 in which Frank Barlow returned home. Although a humble postman, he…

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Mawdsley Street

Let's explore the uneventful goings on in Mawdsley Street, a neighbourhood situated round the corner from the crime ridden and insane Coronation Street.

and local runner of the community center Yasmeen Nazir are about to get it off in the back ginnel.]]

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  • No one enters Coronation Street unless they wish to doom themselves.
  • Wake up, have breakfast in the morning, go to work, work, after work return home. Have dinner. Go to bed. Nope, not breakfasts in that ancient greasy spoon Roy's Rolls or eating in that Bistro every night where the staff are always kicking off or Robert Preston seems to be the only one working there most days.

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Layout for character articles

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