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Cecil Newton was a recurring character on Coronation Street, appearing between 1987 to 2003. He was the head of Newton & Ridley.

Kenneth Alan Taylor played the role from 1987 to 1990, and then George Baker in 2003.



Cecil was previously married, and from that marriage came his son Philip Newton around 1960. Cecil has three other siblings, Margaret, George and Anne.


In June 1987, Alec Gilroy went to see Cecil as he wanted to take over the tenancy when Bet Lynch, who borrowed £12,000 from Alec to buy the tenancy of the pub, disappeared. Alec wasn't happy when Cecil wanted to just appoint him as a temporary manager until Bet returned. Alec found out from Cecil that Bet was hiding out in Torremolinos and flew over to see her. Alec proposed to Bet and she accepted, and they returned to Weatherfield and bought the tenancy together.

Cecil retired in 1990 and moved to the Isle of Man.

Cecil met Bet again in 2003 during a brewery function in Blackpool and fell in love with her and they got engaged, as she had divorced Alec back in the 1990s. Cecil's son Philip didn't approve of the relationship and attempted to split them up and claimed that Cecil was going senile. Cecil later collapsed with a heart attack and died in hospital, and a broken hearted Bet returned to Brighton with Liz McDonald.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 3 June 1987, 10-19 August 1987, 3-5 October 1988, 18 June 1990, 21-28 November 2003

Born: November 1933

Died: 28th November 2003

Full Name:

ParentsGeorge Newton Snr and Mrs. Newton

Siblings: Margaret Ridley, George Newton, Anne Newton


Children: Philip Newton (c1960)

Grandchildren: Henry Newton

Nieces: Sarah Ridley