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Charlie Stubbs was a Coronation Street resident who ran the Builder's Yard on Victoria Street from 2003 to 2007. He was murdered in January 2007 by his girlfriend Tracy Barlow. Charlie was played by Bill Ward.



Much of Charlie's backstory is unknown. He was born in November 1971, to a father who was a bigot and a mother that Charlie implied he didn't get along with, as later in life he would describe her as a "nasty piece of work". When he was around 16 years old his first child Jake was born. He married his girlfriend circa 1989 and their second child Eloise was born. But the marriage didn't last and Charlie had divorced from his wife and had no further contact with her or his children by the time he arrived on Coronation Street in 2003.


Charlie moved to Weatherfield in 2003 and took over the Victoria Street Builder's Yard under the name of Stubbs Building Contractor. He became good friends with the site's labourer Jason Grimshaw and Charlie ran the business successfully. Charlie later got involved with Rovers Return landlady Shelley Unwin, but overtime became abusive towards her. Although he didn't use psychical violence (aside from when he ripped her earrings out from her lobes), he instead broke down her confidence to make her more under his control. He would also have sex with multiple women, even in the Rovers backroom.

Shelley's mother Bev despised Charlie, although she had an affair with him previously herself. Charlie didn't like Shelley's relationship with her mother and worked to keep them apart, although Bev still planned to split the pair up. Charlie later asked Shelley to marry him, and she accepted. But on the wedding she decided to finally stand her ground and jilted him at the alter, which also pleased her mother and neighbours as she had finally broken away from her abusive relationship.


In April 2007 Tracy was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for Charlie's murder. However she managed to get released in late 2010 after serving over three years, due to a dodgy forensics officer that worked on the murder case. Tracy had successfully launched an appeal as a result which led to her being a free woman. Although Tracy would make humorous remarks about Charlie's murder to scare other people, she would proclaim that she was an innocent woman and that she didn't kill him. Despite this, most residents of the street were aware that she was a killer, but later grew to accept her in the community. Even boyfriends such as Rob Donovan and Robert Preston had no problem being with Tracy despite knowing that she is a murderer.

On occasions, Tracy's killing of Charlie is still mentioned and comes up in chatter about Tracy.


  • Despite some of his violent and even bullying tenancies, Charlie was still able to show empathy and stood up for Roy Cropper when he was being bullied by his tormentor Vince, who had worked for Charlie as a labourer.

Memorable Info[]

Full name: Charles Stubbs

Born: 17th November 1971

Died: 15th January 2007 (Age 35)

Siblings: Eddie Stubbs

Daughter: Holly