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Chesney Eric Brown is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in 2003. He is the son of Cilla Battersby-Brown and younger half brother of Fiz Stape. Chesney has 5 children, Joseph Brown with Katy Armstrong, and quads Carys BrownLlio BrownBryn Brown and Aled Brown with Gemma Winter. Chesney is played by Sam Aston, whose sister Emily Aston has appeared in the show, playing regular character Becky Palmer for a year from 1996 to 1997.



Chesney Brown was born on the 26th July 1994 to single mother Cilla Brown. Cilla was sleeping with at least 3 men at the time of Chesney's conception, so she was never sure who Chesney's father was. Cilla already had a daughter, Fiona Brown (Fiz) 10 years earlier, and a son Billy Brown in 1982.


Chesney was 9 years old in 2003. Cilla later romanced Les Battersby and Les agreed to adopt Chesney. Chesney was a bit of a wild child. He stole from Rita and even smashed her window.

In 2011 Chesney became a father to Joseph Brown after his romance with Katy Armstrong. Chesney was often at the mercy of Katy's father Owen Armstrong. Ches and Kathy later split. Chesney started to date Sinead Tinker. Chesney clashed with Daniel Osbourne over Sinead. Chesney found out that Daniel had sex with Sinead.

After confronting Sinead about it at her workplace Chesney stormed round to Daniel's flat and tried to provoke him into a fight, but Daniel left the scene to contain himself. Chesney followed Daniel and continued to goad him, resulting in Daniel slamming Chesney against the wall and saying that he is scared and that is the reason he will remain second best. After Chesney leaves, Daniel punched the wall in rage.

The following day Daniel wasn't too quick to let Sinead move in with him at the flat. However after she had a falling out with Chesney resulting in her packing and moving out, he allowed her to move in. Daniel and Chesney still clashed over Sinead, and Chesney even held Daniel hostage in the back yard with a brick. Dozy Chesney took a swing but hit himself in the head when his arm moved in the wrong direction.


List of addresses[]

Address Duration
N/A unknown date to 10th November 2003
2a Coronation Street 10th to 14th November 2003
5 Coronation Street 14th November 2003 to 17th March 2011
14a Victoria Street 17th March 2011 to June 2011
5 Coronation Street June 2011 to present

Employment history[]

Role Institution Duration
Market stall trader Self-employed June 2010 to 2013
Manager Prime Doner 23rd October 2013 to present
Manager For Your Fries Only November 2017 to present

Memorable info[]

Born: 26th July 1994

Full Name: Chesney Brown

Parents: Unknown Man and Cilla Battersby-Brown

Siblings: Billy Brown (half, same mother), Fiz Stape (half, same mother)


Children: Joseph Brown (2011), (Mother Katy Armstrong); Aled Brown (2019), Llio Brown (2019), Carys Brown (2019), Bryn Brown (2019) (Mother Gemma Winter).