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Colin Fishwick was a character in Coronation Street and an old friend of John Stape. John borrowed Colin's identity to teach himself.



Colin Fishwick worked with John Stape and Charlotte Hoyle in 2007 until John left after he was revealed to have slept with pupil Rosie Webster. Although John would kidnap Rosie and hold her captive in his dead grandmother's attic for five weeks in late 2008, Colin and Charlotte had no hard feelings about him, most likely due to them finding Rosie annoying and not a pleasant individual.


Colin turned up at John's new place of work Roy's Rolls in April 2010 to offer him to attend his leaving party. John reluctantly accepted and went along with his wife Fiz, and despite being worried that he would be made a mockery of Colin and the rest of his former colleagues were pleasant and welcoming to John. John was reintroduced to Charlotte at the party. John took the opportunity to steal Colin's details, and posed as him in order to go back into teaching. This worked out well for John for a couple of months, although Charlotte discovered his deceit but chose not to inform the police or Colin, instead she held the information over John to force him to be friends with her.

Colin returned in July 2010 and voiced his interest in returning to teaching. He met with John and Charlotte at the Rovers Return and John confessed to stealing Colin's identity. John was surprised when met with amusement by Colin, who was drunk at the time and had no interest in shopping John to the police. It later transpired that Colin had actually left the area due to an affair with the wife of Ben Fielding, a violent criminal who was out to get Colin. Ben turned up at John's home address believing him to be the real Colin Fishwick and threatened him with violence, only for Fiz to point Ben to the real Colin's temporary address.

Colin was tracked down by Ben and given a terrible beating. Both angry and scared, Colin confronted John and Charlotte at John's home and demanded a large sum of money so he can flee town once again and disappear for good. When John made it clear he wouldn't be able to pay him, Colin began to dial for the police but suddenly dropped to the floor and died instantly (likely a result from the beating by Ben). John panicked as he believed the police would accuse him of murder, and convinced Charlotte to help him hide the body. They dumped it in a hole at the Underworld factory (which was being repaired having been torched by Tony Gordon the previous month) and the whole was filled by the unsuspecting builders the next day.

Aftermath of death[]

John stopped posing as Colin, but he couldn't escape his actions as Charlotte returned a few months later and began blackmailing him to enter into a relationship with her, which caused John to kill Charlotte on the night of the tram crash in December 2010 and make her death look like an accident. A guilt ridden John began to support Colin's elderly mother Joy (who was unaware of her son being dead), but accidentally killed her after confessing his crimes. John later ended up in a psychiatric unit after suffering a nervous breakdown, but was released after making a recovery.

John panicked when he learned the floor of Underworld was being dug up in May 2011 due to problems with the piping. He took a job as a laborer working for Owen Armstrong and sneaked into the factory at night and worked hard to dig up Colin's corpse. He successfully unearthed the body, only to be caught by Fiz. He blackmailed Fiz into helping him dispose of the body (as Fiz had illegally claimed Joy's inheritance) and they dumped it into the canal.

After John was exposed as a killer, Colin's corpse was later recovered by police and given a proper burial. John himself died in October 2011 after trying to clear Fiz's name after she was accused of the murders of Colin, Charlotte and Joy, and gave forward Ben Fielding as the person who beat Colin up.


Memorable info[]

Appearances: 9-11 April 2010, 18-30 July 2010, 27-29 May 2011 (corpse)



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Parents: John Fishwick and Joy Fishwick