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Colin Grimshaw was a character in Coronation Street in 2008 and 2009. He was the father of Eileen Grimshaw. Colin is the first cousin of Elsie Tanner. Colin was played by Edward De Souza.



Colin Grimshaw was born on the 27th April 1939. His father was the brother of Arthur Grimshaw, who was the father of Elsie Tanner. Colin and Elsie were first cousins.

In 1977 he slept with his daughter Eileen's best friend Paula Carp, resulting in her becoming pregnant to their daughter Julie. Paula was only 14, and her parents took her away from the area, and Eileen wouldn't learn the truth until decades later. Colin's wife knew the truth but didn't tell Eileen, and later passed away.


In 2009 Colin got engaged to Rita Sullivan during his 70th birthday celebrations. However Paula revealed he was the father of Julie, although this wasn't simply out of spite as she didn't like that fact Julie was in a relationship with Eileen's son Jason Grimshaw as they were biologically aunt and nephew.

Rita was distraught at what Colin had done and left him, leaving him heartbroken. When Colin tried to plead for forgiveness to Eileen, he had a stoke and was hospitalized. Eileen was upset as she had blamed her mother for her apparent spiteful behaviour, but it was Colin's fault.

Despite his misdeeds, Jason took sympathy on him and Julie was glad to finally meet her dad. Eileen reluctantly allowed Colin to move in with them as he needed care. This angered Paula as she felt he was just manipulating and worming his way back in, and took the decision to report him to the police for sleeping with her. When Colin found out he planned to leave despite losing control of half his body. He eventually decided to face the music and waited in the living room for the police. As Eileen answered the door to the police, Colin passed away on the sofa.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 12 December 2008–20 May 2009

Born: 27th April 1939, Weatherfield, Salford, Lancashire

Died: 20 May 2009 (Aged 70)

Full Name: Colin Grimshaw

Parents: Mr Grimshaw and Mrs. Grimshaw

Siblings: None

Spouse: Mrs. Grimshaw (c1960-??)

Children: Eileen Grimshaw (1961), Julie Carp (1977)

Grandchildren: Jason Grimshaw, Todd Grimshaw

Uncles: Arthur Grimshaw, Mr Grimshaw

Cousins: Elsie Tanner, Arnley Grimshaw, Fay Butler, James Grimshaw, 8 others

First cousins once removed: Linda Cheveski, Dennis Tanner