Since 2006, members of the Connor family have been major characters in Coronation Street. Their presence has dominated the street for the past 12 years. This page documents them.

Brief History

Originating in Ireland, members of the Connor family moved to England in the 1950s and 1960s. Barry Connor, Helen Connor all joined the parents of Johnny Connor in Weatherfield, Salford, England.

Family Tree

Unknown Connor (bc1900) married Unknown Woman (c1920)

Parents of:- Unknown Connor (born c1925) and Unknown Connor (born c1930)

Unknown Connor (bc1925) married Unknown Woman (c1944)

Parents of:- Barry Connor (born c1945)

Barry Connor married Helen Connor (1968)

Parents of:- Paul Connor (1969), Liam Connor (1974) and Michelle Connor (1976)

Unnown Connor born c1930 married Unknown Woman (c1952)

Parents of:- Johnny Connor (born 1953)

Johnny Connor married Lou (c1973)

Parents of:- Aidan Connor (born 1983) and Kate Connor (born 1989)

Johnny Connor had an affair with Sharon Donovan (1974)

Parents of:- Carla Connor (born 1975)

Aidan Connor had relationship with Eva Price in 2017

Parents of:- Suzy Barlow (born 2018)

Liam Connor married Maria Sutherland ()

Parents of:- Liam Connor Jr. (born 2009)

Michelle Connor had relationship with Dean in 1991

Parents of:- Alex Neeson (born 1992)

Michelle Connor was married to Steve McDonald in 2015

Parents of:- Ruairi McDonald (born 2016; stillborn)

Johnny Connor married Jenny Bradley in 2017.