Coronation Street Past And Present Wiki

Coronation Street, Weatherfield, as it looked in 2010, before the tram crash.

Coronation Street is the primary setting of the ITV British Soap Opera Coronation Street and has featured in the series since the very beginning. Originally a more quiet back street, it has seen a high rise in crime, disasters and deaths over the course of the show's narrative.


Construction of Coronation Street begun in late 1901. It was completed in the summer of 1902 and the first residents moved into the street in August 1902. The other side of the street had the The Mission Hall and Ellistons Raincoat Factory. One end of the terraced side had The Rovers Return and the other end had the Corner Shop. That end of the street faced Viaduct Street and The Railway Viaduct.


In 1965, Number 7 Coronation Street collapsed due to a faulty beam. For fourteen years no house stood in this spot, and instead a bench was put in its place. Len Fairclough eventually bought the land and built a new Number 7 Coronation Street.

In 1967, a train crashed through the viaduct. In 2010 a similar incident occurred in the same spot when the Joinery Bar blew up and a tram crashed off the viaduct and into Coronation Street, leading to the Kabin, Corner Shop and Number 13 Coronation Street to be destroyed in the process. These locations were eventually rebuilt within a few months.

From 2019 Ray Crosby began buying up properties on Coronation Street in a takeover, which included the Viaduct Bistro, Websters Autos and the land where Underworld stands.


  • Due to the change in sets over the years, the size of the street has noticeable altered over the years. Surrounding areas such as Rosamund Street and Victoria Street have also changed, with buildings and shops added that haven't been seen before.
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