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Welcome to the Coronation Street Past And Present Wiki

This is my very own tribute wiki to Coronation Street, the British ITV soap opera. I am a huge fan of the show and wanted to start my own wiki on the show, all in my own words and own screengrabs taken from certain episodes. I shall be doing a month by month highlight of major storylines from December 1960 to date plus major character profiles and info on real life locations used etc. I have also added a bit of humour to the wiki as well.

I now have my own database with episode by episode pages for every episode ever made from 1960 to date but have abbreviated some of the words such as Ep for Episode, and added 1 page for 2 episodes show in one day such as Ep 8085/8086.

Rules for the site

Any vandalism will not be tolerated. Any such comments and vandalism will have the editors blocked permanently. If you are willing to discuss an error sensibly, then I will listen, but snide and rude comments about mistakes will not be tolerated. And if you are creating a page please add information, creating a blank page or adding gibberish into it will result in a block and the page swiftly deleted.

Describe your topic

This is my very own wiki on the long running British TV soap opera Coronation Street, one of three of my favourite ever TV shows of all time, the others being Emmerdale and the Australian soap opera Neighbours. I have a wiki on Emmerdale.

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