This page lists the ridiculous amounts of murders committed in the show over the years, especially since 2002 with the Richard Hillman storyline.

Richard Hillman, Tony Gordon, John Stape, Pat Phelan and Gary Windass have killed more than once and been involved in a long running story arc concerning their murders and trying to evade the truth coming out. As of right now, Gary is the current soap killer who is active, and has clocked up the most deaths responsible in the history of the show.

Jim McDonald caused the death of Jez Quigley, although this was manslaughter as he only intended to beat him up badly, not kill him. This makes Jim unique on this list as he is the only one not to have killed someone directly and on purpose.

Joe Donelli (1968)

The army buddy of Steve Tanner, who pushed Steve down a flight of stairs due to a feud over a debt. Joe wouldn't be exposed for the crime until two years later in 1970.

Murders responsible

  • Steve Tanner (pushed Steve down a flight of stairs off-screen)

Although he threatened Stan Ogden with a handgun, Joe didn't seem to intend to kill Stan and only used him as a hostage to buy him some time. Joe killed himself shortly after taking Stan hostage.

Roy Johnson (1975)

The hot headed husband of Lynn Johnson, who regularly hit her. One time Lynn fled, but Roy followed her to Number 9 Coronation Street, where councillor Len Fairclough lived. Roy beat her to death. At first, before she was killed, Lynn begged Len to stay with her but he was in a hurry as he had to deliver a tender. Len eventually got impatient with Lynn, and neighbours heard shouting coming from his house. Len was later accused of her murder until Roy confessed to her murder.

Murders responsible

Ed Jackson (Tommo) (1978)

The young man who, along with his friend Dave Lester, held wages clerk Ernie Bishop hostage, wanting the money.

Murders responsible

  • Ernie Bishop (Shot dead by Ed when Mike Baldwin accidentally nudged his arm when he came into the office, blasting Ernie in the chest. Ernie died on the operating theatre table later that day.)

Jez Quigley (1999-2000)


  • Jez Quigley killed Tony Horrocks in February 1999 and hid the body in a cellar on a disused building site, which was discovered the following year.


  • Jez originally had Steve McDonald beaten up and put in hospital for trying to testify against him. After Jez himself was hospitalised by Steve's vengeful father Jim, Jez attempted to smother Steve with a pillow, only to be stopped when Jez's spleen burst and killed him.

Jim McDonald (2000)

Deaths indirectly responsible for

  • Jez Quigley (beaten up, which caused Jez's spleen to rupture in hospital and kill him)

Richard Hillman (2002-2003)

Corrie richard 2002.png

The infamous serial killer husband of Gail Platt. He marked the first time in the series of the show in which a regular character would be a serial killer.

Murders responsible

Attempted murders

Tracy Barlow (2007)

Corrie traicey.png

Murders responsible

Planned murders

  • Carla Connor (planned to beat to death but fled the scene; leaving lit candle led to flat fire)

Deaths indirectly responsible for

  • Kal Nazir (flat fire; caused due to Tracy leaving candle lit)
  • Maddie Heath (died in explosion; caused due to flat fire)

Tony Gordon (2008-2010)

Tony Gordon 2008 Screencap.png

Murders responsible

Attempted murders

  • Jed Stone (strangled during a moment of rage; spared his life and sent him away)
  • Roy Cropper (tried to drown in canal; however saved his life after change of heart)
  • Carla Connor (tried to bring her down with him in factory fire; only he died)

Planned murders

  • Maria Connor (planned to strangle with Liam's belt when she insisted he killed Liam; didn't go through with it as Fiz came to the door)
  • Hayley Cropper (planned to bring her down with him and Carla; released her prior to burning down the factory)

Jimmy Dockerson (2008)

Murders responsible

  • Liam Connor (ran over with a car on the orders of Tony Gordon)

Attempted murders

  • Carla Connor (tried to kill on the orders of Tony, although got knocked out and nearly killed himself. Carla was spared by Tony afterwards, as he regretted putting out the hit)

John Stape (2010-2011)

John Stape close up.jpg

Murders responsible

Note: Colin Fishwick isn't included, because he actually dropped dead and John didn't do anything to cause his death. John's only real crime in the situation was allowing Colin's body to be buried underneath Underworld.

Anne Foster (2012)

Murder responsible for

  • Frank Foster (hit over head with glass bottle in moment of rage)

Karl Munro (2013)

Murder responsible

  • Sunita Alahan (killed in hospital after she was admitted when caught in the pub fire he caused)

Deaths indirectly responsible for

Rob Donovan (2014)

Murder responsible

Pat Phelan (2016-2018)

Corrie phezza 2017.png

Murders/deaths responsible for

  • Michael Rodwell (allowed him to succumb to his heart attack without getting help)
  • Vinny Ashford (masterminded his death and forced a mentally broken Andy Carver to execute him)
  • Andy Carver (shot dead just after Vinny's murder)
  • Luke Britton (shot and then blown up in his car)

Phelan is currently No.1 in the Guinness World Records for most murders committed in Weatherfield, as he is responsible for five deaths (and four actual murders), beating his rival Richard Hillman who was only responsible for three deaths.

Gary Windass (2019-present)

Corrie gary windass.png

Murders/deaths responsible for

Deaths indirectly responsible for

  • Rana Nazir (died as a result of Gary's sabotage of the factory roof)
  • Robert Preston (shot in shooting started by Derek, who was in debt to Gary)

Other Killers

These are killers who didn't murder at any point during their time on the show, but did prior to their first appearance.

  • Robbie Sloane: Tony Gordon's new henchman in 2010, who had finished up a 15 year prison sentence for murder, although the circumstances behind it weren't disclosed.
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