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Cyril Turpin was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 882 - 4 Jun 1969 to Ep 1201 - 19 Jul 1972. He was the husband of Betty Turpin. He died off-screen in 1974. Cyril was played by William Moore.



Cyril Turpin was born in about 1920. He had a sister Minnie Turpin who later married. In 1944 Cyril married Betty Preston. Cyril was a policeman. In 1967, Cyril had local criminal Keith Lucas put in prison.


Cyril and Betty moved into the flat above the Corner shop in 1969. Cyril and the other Coronation Street residents went for a coach trip to The Lake District in October 1969. The coach crashed and they all ended up in hospital but no one was badly hurt. In the summer of 1970, Keith Lucas went after Cyril to get back at him for putting him in prison 3 years earlier. Keith caught up with Cyril and attacked him but Cyril overpowered him. Cyril lost control and beat Keith up badly. Cyril then resigned. He took a job at a solicitor's office and he and Betty moved to 37 Hillside Crescent.

Cyril rarely visited the street following his departure. He reappeared in 1972 when he tried to get Maggie to sell the shop to Betty, although backed down when Alf Roberts stuck up for her.

Death in 1974 and legacy[]

Cyril collapsed and died outside his house from a heart attack in February 1974, with the news reaching the street and a shocked Betty during Len Fairclough and Rita Littlewood's engagement party.

Following Betty's death in 2012, she was buried alongside her husband.

Unknown to Cyril, Betty's supposed nephew Gordon Clegg was actually her biological son.


  • Cyril originally appeared as a regular from July 1969 to July 1970, and made his last appearance after beating up ex-prisoner Keith Lucas for stalking and tormenting Betty. He reappeared for eight episodes from March to July 1972. The character was killed off-screen almost two years later in July 1972 when it became apparent that actor William Moore wasn't returning to the series.
  • It was mentioned that Cyril and Betty married in 1945, however she ended up giving birth to a baby boy named Gordon who she gave up for adoption to her sister Maggie. This is a continuity error as Cyril wasn't aware about Gordon being Betty's son, and surely would have noticed his wife being pregnant around that period. This means they likely married around 1950.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 4 Jul 1969-1 Jul 1970, 14 Feb-1 Mar 1972, 17-19 Jul 1972

Born: About 1920

Died: 20th February 1974

Full Name: Cyril Turpin


Siblings: Minnie

Spouse: Betty Preston (1944-1974)

Children: None biological (Adoptive son Gordon Clegg)

Nieces: Margaret