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Dane, right, with Shona.

Bearing a slight resemblance to EastEnders hardman Phil Mitchell, Dane Arnold Hibbs is one of the latest line up of Corrie hard men coming to the street to stir up trouble for our beloved characters, in this case Shona Ramsey, the mother of Kylie Platt's murderer, who is the old looking 17 year old Clayton Hibbs.

Yep, because the Dog & Gun characters were so brilliantly written and acted, we are still getting them coming into the show to mess up life for David Platt, despite the fact their supreme leader Camp Callum Logan has been long since dead, his death being carried out by his ex girlfriend Kylie Platt after she stoved his head in when he was attacking David's sister Sarah Louise Platt.

In February 2019, Dane died as he lived. High. On drugs that is. Poor Simon Naylor will not be able to play Dane again. Still he can return in another role.




Death in 2019[]

Dane's funeral service card.

Memorable info[]

Born: 3rd December 1984

Died: 6th February 2019

Full Name: Dane Arnold Hibbs




Children: Clayton Hibbs (2001)