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David Barlow was a character in Coronation Street from the first episode, Episode 1 (9 Dec 1960), to Ep 764 - 10 Apr 1968, although he did not play the role continuously during his overall duration. David was the younger brother of Ken Barlow. He married Irma Ogden in 1965 and they emigrated to Australia in 1968. David was killed off offscreen in 1970 in Australia in a car crash. David was played by Alan Rothwell.



David Barlow was born on the 4th July 1942 in Weatherfield at Number 3 Coronation Street to Frank Barlow and Ida Barlow. He was their second child. David's older brother Ken was born almost 3 years earlier. David grew up at No 3 and became a footballer.


David was 18 years old in 1960. He worked as an apprentice and got along far better with his father Frank than Ken did, mainly due to David sticking to working class and not developing into a snob like the student Ken. Regardless the two brothers shared no animosity and got along just fine. In 1961 David was discovered by a talent scout playing football and was offered a contract. He transferred to London in June 1961, ironically leaving behind his working class roots. Later in the year his mother Ida was knocked down by a bus and killed, and although David wasn't at the funeral he visited his father at No.3 following the funeral.

David returned to the street two years later in June 1963, now with a good bit of wealth due to his successful football career. This causes the residents to resent this due to David trying to buy everyone drinks in the Rovers. He doesn't understand why Ken is still working as a primary school teacher at this point and feels that he could do better. He tries to give the Barlows £10 but Ken refuses it, feeling that David is showing off. David departs the street to return to London, with Frank realising that he has outgrown the street.

He makes another visit in December 1964 to visit Ken and Valerie, although says that he has taken time off due to a leg injury. It later turns out David was accused of taking a bribe and has been disqualified during the investigation. Ken is suspicious that David may be guilty of his crime. David is later cleared of any wrongdoing and able to return to playing football. In January 1965 he got angry with Ken for not siding with him and punched him in the Rovers, before then leaving for London once again.

David later romanced Irma Ogden. They married in 1965. At the wedding reception, Stan Ogden even advised David to belt her if she disobeys him. David got tired of running the Corner shop and in April 1968, him and Irma decided to emigrate to Australia.

Death in 1970[]

David and his son Darren died in a car accident in April 1970. David was only 27. A grieving Irma returned to Weatherfield shortly after, and gradually she managed to move on from their deaths.


When Ken contemplated suicide in 1990 after losing everything, he began looking through a photo album of pictures of family members long gone, which included David. This occurred twenty years following David's death.

When a painting belonging to Irma was found in the attic of No.13 in 2008, Ken made reference to David, mentioning that Irma was married to him.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 9 December 1960–28 June 1961, 24–26 June 1963, 21 December 1964–10 April 1968

Born: 4th July 1942

Died: 8th April 1970 (Aged 27)

Full Name: David Barlow

Parents: Frank Barlow and Ida Barlow

Siblings: Ken Barlow

Grandfathers: Sidney Barlow, George Leathers

Grandmothers: Edna Barlow, Nancy Leathers

Spouses: Irma Ogden (1965-1970)

Children: Darren Barlow (1968)

Nephews/Nieces: Peter Barlow, Susan Barlow, Lawrence Cunningham, Daniel Osbourne , Tracy Barlow