David Barlow was a character in Coronation Street from the first episode in 1960 to 1968. He was the younger brother of Ken Barlow. David was played by Alan Rothwell.



David Barlow was born on the 4th July 1942 in Weatherfield at Number 3 Coronation Street to Frank Barlow and Ida Barlow. He was their second child. David's older brother Ken was born almost 3 years earlier. David grew up at No 3 and became a footballer.


David was 18 years old in 1960.

Memorable infoEdit

Appearances: 9 December 1960–28 June 1961, 24–26 June 1963, 21 December 1964–10 April 1968

Born: 4th July 1942

Died: 8th April 1970 (Aged 27)

Full Name: David Barlow

Parents: Frank Barlow and Ida Barlow

Siblings: Ken Barlow

Grandfathers: Sidney Barlow, George Leathers

Grandmothers: Edna Barlow, Nancy Leathers

Spouses: Irma Ogden (1965-1970)

Children: Darren Barlow (1968)

Nephews/Nieces: Peter Barlow, Susan Barlow, Lawrence Cunningham, Daniel Osbourne