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Denise Osbourne was a hairdresser and the mother of Daniel Osbourne. She appeared from 1992 to 1997, and again in 2007 and 2017. Actress Denise Black returned to the role in 2017 following the reintroduction of Daniel.

Denise is one of 3 Coronation Street women who have been compared to original stalwart Elsie Tanner due to their ferocity but vulnerability. The other 2 are Bet Lynch and Carla Connor. Denise even looks like Elsie Tanner.



Denise was born on the 1st December 1955 to Irene and her husband. Denise had a sister Alison.


Denise arrived in Coronation Street in late 1992. She opened up the salon at No 2 Coronation Street. In 1993, Denise dated Hanif Ruparell. Denise then fell for married man Don Brennan. Don's marriage was breaking up. Don began to pester Denise with nuisance phonecalls. At first, Denise suspected Hanif, then Ivy Brennan until Don admitted he made the calls. After her dalliance with Don, Denise then fell for Ken Barlow and in 1994, she discovered that she was expecting his child. In January 1995, they had a son Daniel Osbourne. Denise had an affair with her brother in law Brian Dunkley. In January 1996, Ken found out and got aggressive with Brian. That same month, Denise chose Brian over Ken and they left the area. In November 1996, they returned to collect Daniel.


Between 2007 to 2017[]

In 2010 Denise abandoned 15-year old Daniel and disappeared, without making further contact. Daniel continued to live on his own and didn't inform Ken about the situation and chose to instead survive on his own. When Daniel returned to Coronation Street in November 2016 he claimed that his mother had been keeping contact now and again, but the following month confessed to his half-brother Peter Barlow that he hasn't seen her for six years. He later reported Denise missing to the police.


Denise returned in 2017 to see Daniel again. She moved to another part of town, saying that she would be there for him if he ever needed support.

After 2017[]

In October 2018 Denise found out that Daniel was engaged to Sinead Tinker and sent him a letter asking for an invitation to the wedding, although Daniel was not interested. She never met her grandson Bertie Osbourne. Following Sinead's death in 2019 Ken offered to phone Denise for Daniel so she could come round, but he wasn't interested.

Memorable Info[]

Appearances: 4 December 1992–23 February 1996, 22 November 1996–17 January 1997, 4 May–10 June 2007, 30 May–9 June 2017

Born: 1st December 1955

Full Name: Denise Osbourne

Parents: Irene

Siblings: Alison Dunkley

Spouse: Frank Osbourne (??-Bef 1990), Neil Mitchell (1990-1993)

Children: Daniel Osbourne (1995)