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Derek Bernard Wilton was a character in Coronation Street recurringly from Ep 1576 - 23 Feb 1976 to December 1987 but full time from August 1988 to Ep 4173 - 7 Apr 1997. He was the dithery husband of Mavis Wilton. Derek was played by actor Peter Baldwin.



Derek Bernard Wilton was born on the 8th August 1936 in Harrogate, Yorkshire to Lionel Wilton and Amy Wilton. He had a sister Edith Wilton and another sister Doreen Wilton.


Derek offered Mavis a hand in marriage and they were soon married.

In May 1991 in a moment of madness, Derek patted the bottom of Mrs Shaw, a worker at the printing works that Derek was a manager of. Mrs Shaw wanted to file a lawsuit for sexual harassment but in the end the matter was dropped.

Throughout the early and mid 90s, Derek and Mavis were involved in several inane storylines.

In April 1997, Derek had a road rage incident with a fellow motorist who damage the famous paper clip on his car. Due to the shock, Derek had a heart attack and died suddenly as he sat down in his car. He was 60 years old.


Mavis was told, and she was devastated by Derek's sudden death. In October 1997, 6 months after Derek died, Mavis decided to make a fresh start away from Weatherfield, running a B&B in The Lake District. Rita waved goodbye to her best friend, although they remained in constant touch and Rita would go and visit Mavis.

In June 2019, over 22 years since Derek's death, Rita mentioned him and how he always had a huge paper clip on the top of his car.


  • Derek appeared on and off from 1976 to 1987, before Peter Baldwin was finally promoted to the regular cast in 1988. He played the role as a main character for nine years.
  • Derek was axed in 1997 by Brian Park. Contrary to popular belief that was assumed for many years, Derek was no actually axed first which led to Thelma Barlow quitting as Mavis Wilton, Barlow actually decided to leave the show first which led to Park deciding to kill off Derek, as he assumed that Derek wouldn't work on his own without Mavis.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 23 Feb-25 Aug 1976, 18 Apr-14 Dec 1977, 17-24 Apr 1978, 1-4 Apr 1979, 7-14 Apr 1982, 30 Jul-24 Sep 1984, 4-6 Mar 1985, 11 Aug-5 Nov 1986, 16-25 Feb 1987, 23 Nov-30 Dec 1987, 31 Aug 1988-7 Apr 1997

Born: 8th August 1936, Harrogate.

Died: April 1997 (Aged 60)

Full Name: Derek Bernard Wilton

Parents: Lionel Wilton and Amy Wilton

Siblings: Edith Wilton

Spouses: Angie Wilton, Mavis Riley (1988-1997)

Children: None