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Desmond Francis Barnes was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 3030 - 12 Feb 1990 to Ep 4510 - 18 Nov 1998. He was a bookmaker and was originally seen as a yuppie. Des was a bit cheeky and had a roving eye for the ladies. Des was a major character throughout the 1990s. Des was killed in 1998 when defending his step son Tony Horrocks from thugs. Des was played by Philip Middlemiss.



Desmond Francis Barnes was born on the 24th April 1965 in Hartlepool to Bob and Pat Barnes. He had a younger brother Colin Barnes.


Des Barnes moved into Coronation Street in February 1990. He married Steph Jones that year, as a matter of fact they had just married when they moved into No 6 Coronation Street. Steph was a brassy lady. Des bought a lavish boat and seemed to be spending more time on the boat than Steph. Steph turned to Simon Beatty for comfort. When Des found out, he torched his boat. Steph soon ran off with Simon but she soon grew tired of him. In May 1992, Steph returned to Coronation Street and found that Des had taken in a lodger at No 6 and soon to be lover. Des was friends with Curly Watts.

Des later fell for married woman Lisa Duckworth. Des could be a womaniser. Des dated Raquel Wolstenhulme and this created a love triangle between Des, Raquel and Curly Watts. Des also fell for nasty barmaid Tanya Pooley. Des caught her in bed with his boss Alex Christie. Des said Tanya was his now. Raquel overheard Des say this. Des and Alex had a huge fight and he sacked him. Des claimed unfair dismissal as it was a non work related matter. Alex planned to fight Des over the allegation. In August 1994, Alex offered an out of court settlement. After this, Des and Alex parted ways for good. Des still had feelings for Raquel and in January 1995, she was was planning to marry Curly Watts, Des put her off. The love triangle continued. In September 1995, Des saw Steph again in a bar. she was heavily pregnant and she offered for him to get back together. However in October 1995 they agreed to part and did so for good. Des set his sights on Raquel again. In late 1995, when Raquel realised Des was just after casual sex, she married Curly.

In 1996, Des charmed Claire Palmer. She and her daughter Becky Palmer soon moved into No 6 Coronation Street with him. Claire was still claiming her dead husband's army pension even when she lived with Des. Des entered into a relationship with Claire. Des later made a pass at barmaid Samantha Failsworth. Claire is horrified and packs her bags and leaves Des. Sean Skinner also sacked Des for seducing Samantha from him.

In June 1998, Des and Samantha split and she decided to leave the area. Before she left, she told Des she was pregnant but whether she was telling the truth, he was never sure. As she rode off on her motorbike, he called after her but she did not hear him. Des then married Natalie Horrocks. In late 1998, Des was caught up in the crossfire when his stepson Tony Horrocks was in trouble and was attacked by some gangsters. Des was rushed to hospital and had an operation. As he was recovering, he suffered a major heart attack and died. He was just 33 years old.


Natalie was devastated at Des' death. She then bought the Rovers off Alec Gilroy while still grieving for Des. Whether Des' ex girlfriend Samantha Failsworth heard of his death is unknown, and it was never confirmed whether she was pregnant or not when she left the area the previous June.

Memorable info[]

Born: 24th April 1965

Died: 18th November 1998 (Blow to the head)

Full Name: Desmond Francis Barnes

Parents: Bob Barnes and Pat Barnes

Siblings: Colin Barnes

SpouseSteph Jones (1990-1994), Natalie Horrocks (1998)

Children: Possible Child (1998 or 1999) with Samantha Failsworth (She said she was pregnant when she left Weatherfield)