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Duggie Ferguson was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 4699 - 15 Oct 1999 to Ep 5209 - 6 Feb 2002. He was a former rugby player. Duggie was one of the several victims of serial killer Richard Hillman after they went into partnership. Although Hillman did not directly kill Duggie, instead Duggie fell down a stairwell shaft during an argument with Hillman over business and money, but Hillman purposely left him to die so played a part, technically Duggie was a victim of Hillman. Hillman saw this as a way to get rid of his pesky business partner. Duggie was played by John Bowe.



Douglas William Ferguson was born in about 1950. His first name and surname probably means he was of Scottish ancestry. He was a rugby league player and was a local celebrity in the Weatherfield area.


Duggie Ferguson.

Duggie arrived in Coronation Street in October 1999. Duggie once planned a street party where there was a celebrity guest - himself. He saw himself as a celeb due to once being a local rugby player. Duggie had a relationship with Debs Brownlow, the sister of Natalie Barnes. In 2001 Duggie feuded with one of his tenants, Toyah Battersby and he said she will get what is coming to her when he was left in financial ruin.That night she was raped, so Duggie was a suspect, however the real culprit was Phil Simmonds.

Duggie later went into business with Richard Hillman. Duggie had a block of flats constructed. Duggie was quite a shoddy worker.

Hillman confronts Duggie at an under construction block of flats during a

Corrie duggie starts to fall.png

disagreement about Duggie's shoddy workmanship. During the argument, Duggie falls several floors when a banister gives way (ironically, due to his own shoddy workmanship). Duggie is critically injured and Richard leaves him to die, opportunistically allowing the incident to remove his unwanted business partner. He panics at first, whipping out his mobile and dialing emergency services. However, he only dials '99' before stopping, then he goes to Duggie's flat to steal the cash that Duggie stored there.

Duggie was later found dead in a room, indicating that he had crawled into a room and died. His son Tom was too busy to attend Duggie's funeral.

Memorable info[]

Born: About 1950

Died: 6 February 2002 (Fell down a stairwell shaft. Richard Hillman left him for dead)

Full Name: Douglas William Ferguson



Spouse: Laura Ferguson (c1975-1999)

Children: Tom Ferguson (1980)