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Eddie Seddon was a minor character

Eddie Seddon.

in Coronation Street in 1986. He was the father of Sally Webster. Eddie was played by James Duggan.



Edward Seddon was born in about 1940. He had a sister Velda Seddon. In 1965, Eddie married Elsie Hopwood. They lived at Arkwright Street. They had 2 children, Sally Seddon in 1967 and Gina Seddon in 1969. Eddie was a violent alcoholic. He was a lorry driver.


In October 1986, Eddie wanted more money from Sally to fund his drinking habit. She was working as a barmaid at the time. He said that Kevin was not good enough for her but she said she was still marrying him. Eddie and Elsie disowned her for it.


Eddie died in January 1989 when his lorry overturned at a roundabout.

Memorable info[]

Born: About 1940 Weatherfield, Salford, Lancashire

Died: 16th January 1989, Weatherfield

Full Name: Edward Seddon


Siblings: Velda Seddon

Spouse: Elsie Hopwood (1965-1989)

Children: Sally Seddon (1967), Gina Seddon (1969)

Grandchildren: Sophie Webster, Rosie Webster,

Nephews: Paul Seddon

Great Nieces: Nicolette Seddon