Eileen Grimshaw (later Phelan) is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in 2000. She is the mother of Jason Grimshaw and Todd Grimshaw and is a distant relation of Elsie Tanner through the Grimshaw line. Eileen has recently married sly and villainous Pat Phelan due to his charm. Eileen is played by Sue Cleaver.



Eileen Grimshaw was born on the 7th October 1961 to Colin Grimshaw and his wife. Colin's older first cousin Elsie Tanner (Nee Grimshaw) lived in the area. Eileen was Colin and Mrs Grimshaw's only child. Colin later had an affair with another woman, and had an illegitimate daughter Julie. Eileen met Tony Stewart in 1982 and they had a son Jason Grimshaw in June 1983. Tony was 3 years younger than Eileen. They soon split and Eileen met Duncan and in January 1985, she had a child by him, Todd Grimshaw.




Memorable infoEdit

Born: October 1961

Full Name: Eileen Phelan (Nee Grimshaw)

Parents: Colin Grimshaw and Mrs. Grimshaw

Siblings: Julie Carp (half, same father)

Grandfathers: Mr Grimshaw

Spouse: Pat Phelan (2017-2018) [deceased]

Children: Jason Grimshaw (1983), Todd Grimshaw (1985)

Grandchildren: Billy Platt

Great Uncles: Arthur Grimshaw

First cousin once removed: Elsie Tanner

Second Cousins: Linda Cheveski, Dennis Tanner

Second Cousins Once Removed: Paul Cheveski, Martin Cheveski


  • Eileen is the second cousin of Dennis Tanner through Eileen's father Colin and Dennis' mother Elsie Tanner (Nee Grimshaw). Colin's father and Elsie's father Arthur Grimshaw were brothers, making Colin and Elsie first cousins. So the children of Colin and Elsie would be second cousins.