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Emmeline Tatlock (Nee Duckworth) was an unseen character in Coronation Street and was the mother of Albert Tatlock and his brother Alfred Tatlock.



Emmeline Duckworth was born in about 1875. She had a brother Horace Duckworth. Emmeline married William Tatlock in about 1894 and they had a son Albert Tatlock on the 8th August 1895. Another son Alfred Tatlock was born in 1902. Emmeline died of tuberculosis in 1906 and her husband died at the same time. Their sons were put in lodgings.

Memorable info[]

Born: About 1875

Full Name: Emmeline Tatlock (Nee Duckworth)


Siblings: Horace Duckworth

Spouses: William Tatlock (c1894-1906)

Children: Albert Tatlock (1895), Alfred Tatlock (1902)

Grandchildren: Beattie Pearson, Valerie Barlow

Great Grandchildren: Peter BarlowSusan Barlow, William

In 1969, Albert's aunt Ada Broadbent arrived for his non wedding to Alice Pickins. She may have been his maternal aunt, and if she was unmarried and Albert's mum's sister, then Broadbent could be Emmeline's maiden surname. Another possibility is Duckworth is Emmeline's maiden name as Albert mentioned an uncle called Horace Duckworth. Could grumpy Albert be related to lazy Jack Duckworth. However Duckworth is a common name in the Lancashire area of England.