Corrie 4 jul 1997
A new family arrives in Coronation Street and this signals a massive change for the quiet street. They are The Battersby's who are a problem family and have been rehoused to Number 5 Coronation Street. They are Les Battersby, his wife Janice Battersby, Janice's daughter Toyah Battersby and Les' daughter Leanne Battersby, Toyah's step sister.


  • Janice Battersby, first seen in January, was a regular character from this episode onwards to her 2011 departure.
  • First appearance of Les, Toyah and Leanne Battersby. This episode signalled a much needed change for Coronation Street which was seen as outdated by new producer Brian Park. The arrival of the rowdy, loud and uncouth Battersby clan ensured that the quiet back street would never be the same again, although as the years progressed, the Battersby's would mellow.

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