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Eric Babbage was a character in Coronation Street in 2013. He was the rich fiance of Gloria Price. Eric was the 3rd of 4 characters to have died in The Rovers Return, Coronation Street. Eric was played by Timothy West.



Eric worked as a carpet salesman before retiring with a lot of wealth. He had a wife named Doris but the pair separated, although they never divorced. He met Gloria Price and they got engaged, although she was more drawn to his wealth.


Gloria brought Eric to Coronation Street to see her daughter Stella Price, who ran the Rovers Return. Eric witnessed Gloria starting an argument with her granddaughter Leanne's ex-husband Peter Barlow in the pub, and saw Gloria's true colours. He also found out about how she had lied about having cancer months previously and manipulated her own family.

Eric became friendly with Gloria's other granddaughter Eva. He planned to call off his engagement to Gloria and go traveling, and asked Eva to accompany him. Eva agreed, having lost her job at Underworld and being fed up with Stella and Gloria's sniping and interfering. Stella warned Eva against going away with Eric.

When in the pub Eric fell unwell and sat down, and suddenly passed away, much to the horror of the residents and upsetting Eva.

Aftermath of death[]

Immediately following his death Gloria planned a lavish funeral and was gleeful at possibly getting his inheritance. But Doris returned and revealed to Gloria that she was in fact entitled to the money due to still being married to him. Doris also refused to pay for the funeral costs. Eva convinced Gloria to sell her engagement ring, and Eva sold a necklace that Eric got her, and the pair paid for a proper send-off.

A few months later it turned out that Eric did indeed leave money to Gloria in his will, which she was given. Her daughter Stella convinced Gloria to use the money to help rebuild and reopen the Rovers Return following it being burned in an arson attack, which she reluctantly agreed to. She would use the remaining cash to go traveling herself the following year.


Memorable info[]

Birth: Unknown

Death: 25th February 2013

Spouse: Doris Babbage (?-2013)

Children: None