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Ernest "Ernie" Sutton was the father of Jenny Tanner (Nee Sutton) and her several siblings.



Ernie married and had nine children, both of them are Jenny and Monica. When growing up all of them lived in one flat in London. It is unknown what happened to Ernie's wife in later years, although it presumably she passed away and left him a widower.


Ernie arrived in Weatherfield in May 1968 for his daughter Jenny's wedding to Dennis Tanner. Ernie didn't pay for the wedding as he had already paid for Monica's the month before. He favoured Monica's marriage better as she was marrying a banker. Once Jenny and Dennis' wedding went ahead they moved to Bristol as Dennis had got a job there as a salesman.


Five years later Jenny left Dennis due to him conning old age pensioners out of their money. Ernie stood by his daughter's decision to leave Dennis. Dennis' mother Elsie came to visit Ernie at his London flat after she went to see her son in prison, and attempted to blame Jenny and claimed that she must have known what was going on. Ernie made clear that the marriage was over, and blamed Elsie for Dennis' behaviour and accused her of being a bad mother. A heartbroken Elsie left the property and never had anything to do with the Sutton family again.

Memorable Info[]

Appearances: 27-29 May 1968, 23-25 July 1973