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Faye Windass (née Butler) is the daughter of Tim Metcalfe and Jenny Butler, who was fostered by the Windass family before eventually being adopted by matriarch Anna in November 2011. Faye was sent to prison for three years in 2021 due to attacking Adam Barlow after mistaking him for her assaulter Ray Crosby. She will return in November that year.

She is played by Ellie Leach.



Faye was born in March 2002 to Tim Metcalfe and Jenny Butler. Tim left when Faye was very young due to Jenny's drug addiction and ended up losing contact with them. Faye spent most of her time in care due to Jenny's problems.


In January 2011 Faye was fostered by [[Eddie Windass|Eddie] and Anna Windass and she went to live with them. At the age of nine she was a troubled young girl due to her experiences. During her first few months of living with the Windass family her mother died of a drug overdose. Eddie found it difficult to deal with Faye and in April 2011 he left the street for a job working with his brother in Germany, as he found it hard and also just wanted to foster to make Anna happy. Anna chose not to leave with Eddie and instead continue looking after Faye, as she knew she was a troubled girl that needed love. Anna later officially adopted Faye, who then became a Windass. When Anna began dating Owen Armstrong Faye took a disliking to him. Owen slapped Faye during a confrontation but felt regret. They put their differences behind them and became a proper family unit, and Owen moved in with Anna.

In January 2013 Faye tracked down her long-lost father Tim through social media and began secretly meeting him. When Anna and Owen found out they didn't approve as they mistrusted Tim, although the social workers found out Tim was actually her biological father and felt Faye had the right to know her biological parent. Faye and Tim bonded and Anna agreed to let Tim have shared custody. But when Faye went to stay with Tim above the corner shop he left her on her own for a job. Despite Tim's incompetence he proved to be supportive and caring of Faye and did his best to make up for lost time, and Anna and Owen warmed up to him. Tim also showed support when the Windass family suffered terrible debt thanks to conman Pat Phelan, which resulted in them losing their home in 2014.

In mid-2014 Faye slept with a boy named Jackson Hodge at a party and became pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl named Miley in April 2015 when only 15 years old. Anna was furious at Faye for being pregnant at such a young age. After giving birth Faye found it difficult to deal with a child and wanted to live her life. She faced taunting and bullying at school for her pregnancy, although the bullies toned down when they met Faye's baby, when Anna dropped the child off at school. Jackson and his parents moved away to Canada with Miley to give her a "proper" life. Faye briefly reconciled with her daughter in 2017 when Jackson and his family visited Weatherfield for his dad to have an operation. But Faye's boyfriend Seb Franklin became jealous and beat Jackson up, resulting in Seb doing prison time at a young offenders. Jackson and family took Miley back to Canada after the incident.

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 24 Jan 2011-21 Apr 2021, Nov 2021-

Born: 13th March 2002

Full Name: Faye Windass

Parents: Tim Metcalfe, Jenny Butler (biological; deceased), Anna Windass (adoptive)

Siblings: Gary Windass (adoptive)

Children: Miley Windass (2015)

Grandfathers: Geoff Metcalfe

Grandmothers: Tess Metcalfe