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Fiz Stape.

Fiona "Fiz" Stape (Nee Brown) is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in 2001. She is the daughter of Cilla Battersby-Brown and older half sister of Chesney Brown. In 2021, she found out that Alina Pop tried to seduce her boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs. Fizz then went all Al Capone on Alina, saying she would have smeared her all over the cobbles at one time, then giving her a chilling warning to keep away from Tyrone, as she has not mellowed that much. She is played by Jennie McAlpine.





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Memorable info[]

Appearances: 20-25 April 2001, 8 August 2001-14 November 2014, 19 June 2015-5 December 2018, 30 August 2019-

Born: 25th September 1984

Full Name: Fiona Stape (Nee Brown)

Parents: Unknown Man and Cilla Battersby-Brown

Siblings: Chesney Brown (half, same mother)

Spouse: John Stape (2009-2011)

Children: Hope Stape (2010)