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Frank Foster was a character in Coronation Street from 2011 to 2012. He was a factory owner. Foster did share traits that Tony Gordon once had, the corrupt businessman type and was romantically involved with Carla Connor. However he turned out to be a rapist who attempted to sexually assault Maria Connor and raped Carla when finding out she was cheating with Peter Barlow. Frank was murdered in a fit of rage by his mother Anne Foster in 2012.

Frank was played by Andrew Lancel.



Not much about Frank's past is unknown about from being born to his parents Sam and Anne Foster. Before his arrival on the street, he had met Carla at a business convention in August 2010.


Frank turned up at Carla's business Underworld in January 2011 as a new potential business client. Carla wanted to send her PA Maria Connor to strike a deal with Frank and give her some experience, and got Maria to doss up in a dress to appease to Frank. Frank was impressed with how Maria turned out when meeting at his house. During their meeting he clearly became interested in her, and tried to make a pass and got forceful. A scared Maria managed to fight Frank off and escaped, and got a taxi home. The following day Maria informed Carla on the incident, and Carla wasn't best pleased and confronted Frank when he arrived. Frank played the incident down as a drunken pass, and offered to take his business elsewhere if he made Maria uncomfortable. Not wanting the machinists to lose out on work, Maria played down the attempted rape and went along with Frank's story that it was just a mistake. Frank signed a contract with Carla in order to do business with the company.

Maria continued to work at Underworld but grew uncomfortable every time Frank visited, which became more frequent overtime. When he talked Carla into buying into the factory, Maria quit her job and returned to the salon. She informed her boyfriend Chris Gray about what Frank attempted and Chris confronted Frank at the factory and threatened him. Maria plucked up the courage to report the incident to the police, but Frank was released due to lack of evidence. Frank later entered into a relationship with Carla after supporting her during her mother's death, much to Maria's disgust.

Frank and Carla got engaged, and in September 2011 invited his parents Sam and Anne to meet her. There was tension in the air and Carla got drunk and tried to drive home. Frank hopped into the passenger seat and tried to talk Carla down, but she drove off with him in the car, hit Stella Price and crashed into the bookies. Carla was knocked out but Frank came to and put her in the passenger side, and told the police he crashed the car, due to Carla not having a license after being banned the previous year. Frank was given points on his license and a fine, but spared a prison sentence as Stella pulled through.

Carla realised she didn't love Frank and instead was attracted to Peter Barlow, the husband of her friend Leanne Battersby. Like Carla, Peter was also an alcoholic and was supportive towards her. When she called off the wedding Frank was upset and pleaded with her to go through with it. Realising Carla was attracted to Peter all along, Frank's mood turned nasty and he showed his more sinister side to Carla. He proceeded to attack and rape Carla, and following the violent assault he created an alibi by casually going to the corner shop and buying wine. When arriving back at the house he showed 'surprise' when the police turned up and Carla stated that he raped her. Frank played innocent and claimed they had rough sex. Frank was arrested and charged but released until his trial. He returned back to Coronation Street and went to Nick's Bistro, where the wedding reception was meant to be. Peter spotted Frank and confronted him and Peter punched him in the street. Frank was arrested for breaking his bail conditions and was locked up.

Frank sent his mother Anne to help run Underworld in his absence, and to make sure he had someone to keep an eye on Carla. Frank appealed being locked up and was re-released and allowed to be free until his court appearance. As he couldn't return to Coronation Street, Frank hired some people to clean out the factory of all the sewing machines and had them relocated to a new premises so he could run the business from there. This forced a powerless Carla to lay off some workers to save money, which included Sally Webster. A betrayed Sally formed an alliance with Frank when he offered her a job and began a relationship with him.