Gary Windass is a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in 2008. He is the son of Eddie and Anna Windass, older adoptive brother of Faye and father of Jake. Originally a petty criminal, Gary began developing into a more responsible young man who wished to support and provide for his family, although still gets into trouble due to his temper and often carelessness. Gary has often been a fierce rival to David Platt. Thsi rivalry ended up in David assaulting Gaz in the boxing ring in 2018. In 2019, Gary became more ruthless than ever and is trying to be Weatherfield's answer to The Godfather. He even bumped off loan shark Rick Neelan. Gary is played by Mikey North.



Gary Windass was born on the 19th March 1986 to Eddie Windass and Anna Windass. Gary was troublesome in his youth, although this was mainly down to looking up to his uncle Len who was a bad influence on him. His family got a reputation as troublemakers and dangerous.


Corrie gary windass

Gary Windass in 2013.

Gary and his family came into conflict with the Platt family in November 2008 when David Platt and his mother's boyfriend Joe McIntyre fitted them a kitchen but they refused to pay. Gary's parents Anna and Eddie claimed the work was shoddy and not up to standard, which was far from true. David took revenge on them by returning to their residence and destroying the kitchen, but this only caused Gary and Len to retaliate by entering the Platt's residence at Number 8 Coronation Street and destroying their kitchen.

The Windass family were evicted from their home and moved into No.10. Anna attempted to make peace with David's mother Gail and to form a truce, but David was having none of it. On Christmas Day Gail invited the family round but they only caused irritation, and Gary started hitting on David's girlfriend Tina. This prompted Joe to lose his cool and angrily threw food at the Windass family and chucked them out, much to the shock of Gail.

Gary and David's feud grew more and more out of control. In January 2009 Gary began taunting David after finding out his dark past, resulting in David punching him. Gary beat David to a bloody pulp, and was later arrested and charged for grievous bodily harm. David felt it was the best opportunity to finally get Gary locked away for good and persuaded Tina to claim Gary struck him first, but she stood up in court and admitted David threw the first punch, which then resulted in Gary being released.

Gary seemed to turn into a responisbile family man for once when him and girlfriend Izzy Armstrong became parents to Jake Windass in 2013. In late 2013, Gary worked for Owen Armstrong and united with Owen against local builder Pat Phelan who ripped the off. One time during a fight, Gary put Phelan in hospital. Phelan used this to get Gary to do what he wanted or he would go to the police. In the end, Phlean emigrated and left the family in peace, for a while anyway.

Gary and Izzy later split and he begun dating Sarah Louise Platt. However Gary's roving eye struck once again when he had a one night stand with Nicola Rubenstein. At the time, Gary did not know she was Pat Phelan's daughter. Gary started to return to his villainous ways again when he menaced Seb Franklin into changing his statement against Anna Windass in court. He evn kidnapped him and Seb complied so was let go. Gary then got rowdy with Sarah's daughter Bethany Platt for lap dancing. Gary then got rowdy with the bouncers, so this earned him a beating.

Memorable InfoEdit

Born: 19th March 1986

Full Name: Gary Windass

Parents: Eddie Windass and Anna Windass

Siblings: Faye Windass (Adoptive)


Children: Jake Windass (2013)

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