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Gavin Rodwell is the late son of Michael Rodwell who appeared in March 2015. He died suddenly of a heart condition.



When Gavin was three years old his father Michael abandoned him and his mother. When growing up, Gavin's mother would keep telling Gavin how terrible Michael was, causing Gavin to resent his father.

At some point Gavin got a job at a bar and befriended a man named Andy Carver and the pair of them ended up becoming flatmates. In 2014 Gavin ran off with Andy's girlfriend, leaving Andy to deal with the rent.


Gavin made an unexpected return to the flat in March 2015, where he found Andy's girlfriend Steph Britton hanging out, much to his surprise and amusement. Gavin wasn't pleased to discover that Andy had contact with Michael, and not only that had stolen Gavin's identity and posed as him for the past few months, having bonded with Michael in that time after finding out he had a heart condition. Although Andy tried to convince Gavin that Michael was a changed man, it fell on deaf ears as Gavin still viewed his father as a loser.

On Michael's wedding day to Gail McIntyre, Gavin confronted Gail (who knew about Andy's deception) and blackmailed her to give him money, or else he would tell Michael the truth and risk him suffering a possible heart attack from the stress and shock. Gail complied, and later on Gavin taunted Andy.

A drunk Gavin later died at the wheel of his car. Although it was believed the drink driving had killed him, it later turned out he died from complications of his hereditary heart condition.

Aftermath of death[]

Following his death, Gail attended the funeral without informing Michael, fearing the revelation would kill him. Gavin's mother wanted to make contact and try and make amends with Michael, as she felt bad for allowing Gavin to hate his dad. Gail tried to stop her seeing Michael, but regardless Susan sent a photo album to Michael with photographs of Gavin growing up, which confirmed to him Andy's deception, which caused him to leave Gail.

Despite finding out the truth about Andy, Michael began to soften towards him and see him as a son, as he realised he wasn't a malicious person and had guilt for what he done. But Michael had trouble forgiving Gail and didn't reconcile with her for a while, instead getting with Eileen Grimshaw. When Michael and Eileen split up he began working on getting back with Gail in 2016, but Michael himself died after being left to die by Eileen's villainous new boyfriend Pat Phelan. Michael's death was that of a heart attack, the same hereditary condition that killed Gavin and male Rodwells before.


  • Before his arrival Gavin was seen as a baby in a picture owned by Michael.
  • Andy Carver was originally credited as Michael Rodwell, even after the audience themselves discovered he wasn't the real Gavin.

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