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Geoff Metcalfe was the controlling, ruthless husband of Yasmeen Metcalfe, father of Tim Metcalfe and grandfather of Faye Windass who first appeared in Ep 9414/9415 (28 Mar 2018) and last appeared alive in Ep 10189/10190 (9 Dec 2020) when he fell from a roof, but did appear as a corpse in Ep 10191/10192 (11 Dec 2020). His son Tim went to visit him in Wales in August 2015. Geoff wasn't present at his son's wedding to Sally Webster. Geoff works as a local hospital radio DJ.

In 2019, Geoff developed a darker and more ruthless side when he begun controlling his girlfriend Yasmeen Nazir, whom he later married, turning Yasmeen from a feisty woman to an emotional wreck. An unstoppable force, Geoff used coercive control on his wife Yasmeen. Geoff died on the 9th December 2020 on the show's 60th Anniversary Special.

He was known as Gentleman Geoff and Jiggle It Geoff.

Geoff was played by Ian Bartholomew.



Geoffrey Metcalfe was born in 24th April 1950. He grew up with a father who was a very hard man, so for Geoff it is probably a case of the abused becoming the abuser in later life. By 1971 he married Elaine Jones and in 28th January 1972 they had a son Tim, although the couple split shortly afterwards and she was unable to see him. He married Tess Metcalfe and she brought Tim up as her known, with him not knowing the truth. It has been suspected that Geoff also used cohesive control on her, although Geoff has twisted things in his favour by claiming that Tess was abusive.

Five years before his arrival in Weathefield, Geoff went out with someone, but later had a row with this same person who called the police on him. According to Geoff, the charges were dropped.


Geoff was a hospital radio DJ. He later moved to Coronation Street to be nearer his family. Geoff started dating Yasmeen Nazir, and married her later in the year. However, he soon began showing what a ruthless old fool he is, as he began using coercive control against Yasmeen, making her stay in the house all the time and cleaning. Once, he stalked Yasmeen, giving her a menacing glare that gave Slender Man a run for his money, and ripped up a photo of Kal Nazir. He also got some inspiration from the Five Nights At Freddy's games as Geoff then put security cameras around the house to spy on Yasmeen.

Geoff jiggles it.

In 2020, the infamous Jiggle it Geoff incident occurred. He locked her in a box during a magic act, and got angry when he became famous for jiggling it. He called her a clumsy oafish bitch, which surprisingly nobody else heard. Geoff must've used his magic to make everyone deaf at that moment.

As revenge for humiliating "the great magnifico", Geoff locked Yasmeen in a box and then left the house. Fortunately, Yasmeen was saved by Tim, although Geoff used his magic tricks to conjure up a lie that Tim was dense enough to believe. Not wanting his dark secrets revealed, Geoff came up with a master plan; make everyone in Weatherfield think Yasmeen is an alcoholic. He managed to convince Brian Packham, although Cathy Matthews and Eileen Grimshaw were more suspicious of Geoff.

Recently, he began a feud with Alya and he planned to take Yasmeen to Cyprus.

He was stabbed in the neck in May 2020 by his wife Yasmeen, in retaliation of his coercive control over her. Yasmeen called the ambulance, and Geoff was rushed to hospital. Yasmeen was arrested. She spent a few months in prison but was thankfully released in December 2020 when it was revealed he had used coercive control, and threatened her with a knife.

Geoff followed Yasmeen, and set fire to No 6, then as she escaped onto the roof, Geoff followed her, then Alya came along, having made a miraculous recovery from being knocked out by Geoff and looking half dead. Geoff then fell to his death, John Stape style, except John survived, and fell from a height 4 times greater. Jiggle It Geoff is no more.


Although Geoff was dead, Yasmeen would continue to be haunted by the memories of her abusive husband and what he put her through. Two weeks following his death, Yasmeen began to experience hallucinations of Geoff during Christmas Day, which included flashbacks to the stabbing as well as having visions of Ryan Connor as Geoff when he was carving up the Christmas turkey.

In February 2021 Yasmeen learned that Geoff had left her in bad debt. When meeting with the bank manager (who was also called Geoff) she suffered a vision of her late husband berating her, which caused her to flee the office.


  • The story is similar to a plot from 2005 in which Charlie Stubbs emotionally abused his girlfriend Shelley Unwin for a long period of time and isolated her from her friends and family and took away her confidence and independence.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • A father of Tim Metcalfe had been previously been mentioned in the series before making his debut in March 2018. At first it wasn't confirmed that Geoff was Tim's father, although the similar surnames led fans to believe they were the same person. Shortly after his first appearance it was confirmed Geoff was Tim's father when he appeared at the Metcalfe household to see Tim and his wife Sally Metcalfe.
  • The character was initially portrayed in a funnier and lighthearted way, although this led to fans to believe that there was more to Geoff's character and he may have a darker side (which isn't too much of a surprise on the show these days). This would be confirmed in 2019 when it was revealed that Geoff would abuse his partner Yasmeen Nazir in a coercive control. Geoff's darker side began to slowly emerge on-screen when he began to isolate Yasmeen from her granddaughter Alya and her friends on the street. The show worked with Women's Aid and Independent Choices Manchester as part of their research. Geoff's actor Ian Bartholomew had a feeling that his character would show a darker side after joining the show.
  • In 2020 it was stated that Geoff would get his comeuppance. The story went on slightly longer due to the real life COVID-19 pandemic which temporarily halted production of the show. Geoff's downfall aired during the 60th Anniversary Special, in which he was killed off after Yasmeen got off with attacking him months prior.
  • Bartholomew continued appearing as Geoff through visions experienced by a troubled Yasmeen following his death. He appeared from 25th to 28th December 2020, and then again on 24th February 2021.

Memorable Info[]

Appearances: 28th March 2018-11th December 2020 (real Geoff); 25th-28th December 2020, 24th February 2021 (hallucination Geoff)

Birth: 24th April 1950

Death: 9th December 2020 (age 70)

Spouse(s): Elaine Jones (?-1972), Tessa Metcalfe (1972-?), Yasmeen Nazir (2019-2020)

Children: Tim Metcalfe (1972)

Grandchildren: Faye Windass