Graeme Proctor was a character in Coronation Street appearing from 2008 to 2011. He was the former cellmate turned best friend of David Platt, and also dated Tina McIntyre. He worked for Ashley Peacock as an apprentice butcher and also had his own window cleaning business. He left Weatherfield in June 2011 with wife Xin Chiang, who he married in a sham marriage so she could remain in the UK but ended up falling in love with her for real.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Graeme was sent to a young offenders institute in early 2008 for committing arson.

2008-2011[edit | edit source]

When David Platt was sent to the young offenders institute in April 2008 for smashing up his street and assaulting a police officer, Graeme became his cellmate. He was shown to be friendly despite being locked up, although David found him to be weird. David was released from the young offenders in June.

Later in the year Graeme was released and turned up at David's home on Coronation Street for a place to stay, as he was thrown out of his home after an argument with his mother. David allowed him to sleep on the sofa, although this didn't please David's girlfriend Tina McIntyre. Graeme got employed at Elliot & Sons the butchers on Victoria Street and worked under the watchful eye of Ashley Peacock. David's mother Gail asked Graeme to move out of the house, although he remained in Weatherfield and moved into a bedsit.

Graeme acted as support to David when his family got into a feud with the Windass family. When the family refused to pay for a kitchen Gail's boyfriend Joe McIntyre fitted, Graeme, David and Tina broke into the house and tore out the kitchen and set fire to it. However two family members Len and his nephew Gary arrived on Coronation Street and tore out the Platts kitchen in revenge.

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Memorable Info[edit | edit source]

Appearances: 18 April–6 June 2008, 10 November 2008–13 June 2011

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