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Harry Baldwin
First appearance Unseen
Last appearance
Birth 25th September, circa 1940, Bermondsey, London
Death 2005
Home Bermondsey, London
Parents Frankie Baldwin, Mary Baldwin
Sibling(s) Mike Baldwin
Spouse(s) Viv Baldwin (c1961-2005)
Children None

Harry Baldwin was an unseen character in Coronation Street and was the brother of Mike Baldwin. Harry died offscreen in 2005.



Harry Baldwin was born on the 25th September, in about 1940 in Bermondsey, London to Frankie Baldwin and Mary Baldwin. In February 1942, Harry had a brother Mike Baldwin born. In 1959 Harry married but his 17 year old brother Mike slept with Viv Baldwin, Harry's new wife in August 1959. In May 1960 Viv gave birth to a son Danny Baldwin who Harry thought was his, but all along he was Danny's uncle.


  • Harry's existence contradicts the past history of Mike Baldwin, in which it was mentioned from 1980 to 1982 that Mike was an only child to Frankie Baldwin and had no siblings. But in 2004 it was revealed that Mike had a nephew, who he did not know was his son due to him seducing his sister in law Viv in 1961.
  • It seems likely that Harry was Mike's older brother as he was married by August 1959 when Danny was conceived, as Danny was born in May 1960. Mike was born in February 1942. Harry was about 18 or 19 when he married in 1959, and Mike was 17 at the time.

Memorable info[]

Born: 25th September (most likely 1940)

Died: 25 July 2005

Full Name: Harry Baldwin

Parents: Frankie Baldwin and Mary Baldwin

Siblings: Mike Baldwin

Spouse: Viv Baldwin (1959-2005)