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Ida Clough was a character in Coronation Street on a recurring basis from Ep 1796 - 3 Apr 1978 to Ep 4458 - 19 Aug 1998. She was a machinist at Baldwin's Casuals, Coronation Street, later named Underworld. Ida was played by Helene Palmer.



Ida Bulmer was born on the 5th November 1937. She married Mr Clough in about 1958 and they had 2 children.


Ida Clough was 40 years old in 1978 and started work at Baldwin's Casuals, Coronation Street. She became friends with Vera Duckworth, Ivy Tilsley and Elsie Tanner.

Ida left her job in 1988 after ten years. She returned seven years later in 1995 for Ivy's funeral, and the following year got a job at Mike's new factory Underworld, again as a machinist.

In 1996 a 33 year old Curly Watts was lonely and wanted a girlfriend. He was rejected by Maxine Heavey who already had a boyfriend. Ida Clough reckoned Curly looked cute. Curly thought it was just his luck that only a woman pushing 60 would take a shine to him.

In August 1998, Ida was against Mike Baldwin sacking Hayley Patterson (unaware it was because she was actually transgender) and along with the other workers campaigned for her to be reinstated. Mike gave in and allowed Hayley to return to the factory, and Ida, along with Hayley and the other staff, had a celebratory drink in the Rovers. This was Ida's appearance on-screen.

It is unknown if Ida was still around when Hayley revealed her secret as a transsexual to the rest of the girls two months later and when they turned on her. As she wasn't seen at this time it is assumed Ida quit her job shortly after Hayley being reinstated, and left the area for good.

After 1998[]

Ida's activities following her departure is unknown, although she lost contact with her friends.

In January 2008, when Vera Duckworth died, Rita spoke of Ida as if she had also died by then. Emily mentioned Vera, Ivy and Ida. Rita replied with "One Out. All Out". This indicated that Ida had passed away sometime between August 1998 and January 2008.


  • Unlike her other counterparts at Baldwin's Casuals such as Vera Duckworth and Ivy Brennan, her personal life wasn't expanded upon and she and her family never moved onto the street, although two of her kids were seen in the show.
  • The character originally departed in 1988 after appearing for ten years. She was reintroduced for one episode in 1995 for Ivy's funeral, before returning for a longer stint from 1996 to 1998. The character made her final appearance in August 1998, although wasn't given a proper exit storyline and disappeared from the narrative without explanation, a case of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.
  • In January 2008 during an episode depicting Vera's funeral, it was hinted that Ida may also be deceased. This marked the first proper mention of the character since her last appearance nearly ten years prior and her fate. In reality, actress Helen Palmer passed away on 5th January 2011, so was still alive in 2008 when her character's fate was hinted at.


List of addresses[]

Address Duration
Weatherfield unknown date to the late 1990s or early 2000s

Employment history[]

Role Institution Duration
Machinist Baldwin's Casuals before April 1978 to June 1988
Machinist Baldwin's Sportswear 29th March 1996 to 26th March 1997
Machinist Underworld 2nd June 1997 to August 1998

Memorable info[]

Appearances: 3 April 1978-5 Jul 1978, 18 Dec 1978-18 Jul 1979, 5 Dec 1979-9 Feb 1983, 4 Jul 1983-24 Dec 1986, 6 May 1987-29 Jul 1987, 4 Jan 1988-13 Jan 1988, 4 May 1988-13 Jun 1988, 28 Aug 1995, 12 Feb 1996-15 Dec 1997, 29 Jul 1998-19 Aug 1998.

Born: 15 November 1937

Died: Inbetween August 1998 and January 2008.

Full Name: Ida Clough (Nee Bulmer)



Spouse: Mr Clough (c1958-??)

Children: Bernard Clough, Muriel Clough (c1960)