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Irma Barlow nee Ogden (formally Freda) was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 326 - 27 Jan 1964 to 1971. She was the daughter of Stan Ogden and Hilda Ogden. Irma wed in 1965. She was played by actress Sandra Gough.




Irma was a 17 year old when she first appeared in Coronation Street in January 1964. In March, she was later taken on at the Corner Shop under Florrie Lindley, and then in June she was employed as a barmaid at The Rovers. In July the family moved into Number 13 Coronation Street. Irma met and married David Barlow. They married in 1965 and owned and ran the Corner Shop together until 1968 when they emigrated to Australia. While out there, they had 1 child, a son Darren Barlow in November 1968. In December 1969, Irma flew to England to visit her parents before returning to Australia. However in April 1970, David and Darren were killed in a car accident so Irma returned to Weatherfield. Irma got a job at the corner shop, with Maggie Clegg as her boss. Irma flirted with Ray Langton. Irma bought a share in the corner shop.

In December 1971, Irma left Weatherfield to stay with a friend, and never returned to the area. She moved to Wales and asked Maggie to buy her out of the corner shop.

After her final exit from Weatherfield and mentions

Irma never returned to Coronation Street once she moved to Wales in late 1971. She later emigrated to Canada. In October 1976, Hilda remarked that Irma never visits them, and does not know they are alive, and that Trevor sees them as muck.

Irma did not even attend her fathers funeral in November 1984 but did send a telegram to Hilda. Irma did not even attend her mothers leaving party in December 1987.

In 1998, Hilda said Irma had not remarried since her husband David died.

In 2008 Ken mentioned Irma when a painting by her was discovered in the attic of Number 13 Coronation Street by new tenants Ashley and Claire Peacock. Ken made mention to them how she was married to his brother.

As of 2019, 72 year old Irma presumably still lives in Canada.


  • Going by the VHS Special The Women of Coronation Street (which has Jean Alexander reprising her role as Hilda Ogden) Irma is still alive and it is implied she hasn't married again since her departure as Hilda mentions she is still a Barlow.
  • Irma was the first member of the Ogden family to appear in the show, in January 1964.

Memorable info

Appearances: 27 January 1964–10 April 1968, 15–31 December 1969, 27 April 1970–8 December 1971

Born: 28th September 1946

Full Name: Irma Barlow (Nee Ogden)

Parents: Stan Ogden and Hilda Ogden

Siblings: Trevor Ogden, Sylvia Ogden, Tony Ogden

Grandfathers: Isaiah Ogden, Arnold Crabtree

Grandmothers: Mary Ogden, Florence Crabtree

Spouse: David Barlow (1965-1970)

Children: Darren Barlow (1968)