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Jack Walker.

Jack Walker was a character in Coronation Street from  Episode 2 (14 Dec 1960) to Ep 983 - 24 Jun 1970. He was the gentle landlord of the Rovers Return and the henpecked husband of snooty Annie Walker and father of Billy Walker and Joan. The apple did fall far from the tree in Billy's case as he was a scoundrel, and nothing like his gentle father. Jack was played by actor Arthur Leslie.



Jack in 1933.

Jack Walker was born on the 27th April 1900 in Accrington. He was the son of Amos Walker and Joan Walker. Jack had 2 siblings, Arthur Walker and Jim Walker. He married Annie in 1937, and the couple then took over the tenancy of the Rovers Return Inn on Coronation Street, taking over from George Diggins, in October 1937. Jack and Annie had two children, William, aka Billy Walker in 1938, and Joan Walker in 1940.


In December 1960, 60 year old Jack was the gentle landlord of the Rovers Return. Although in April 1961, Jack threw out a bothersome customer who caused a scene, one of the rare times Jack had to use force in his pub. Jack and Annie let teenager Lucille Hewitt stay with them.

Jack Walker and Stan Ogden. May 1967.

In 1964, Stan Ogden and his family moved to Coronation Street. Stan and Jack often chatted a lot, especially as Stan saw the Rovers as his 2nd home.

In 1970, Jack had a gammy leg and it gave him pain. In June 1970, Jack went to visit his daughter Joan in Derby and died of a heart attack during his visit, aged 70. Annie was devastated.


Billy Walker returned to help his mum run the pub once his father died. In May 1975, Billy left for Jersey. As Jack had been dead for 5 years, and Billy had moved away, an ageing Annie lived alone on the premises, and struggled to run the pub alone, and felt vulnerable as she did not have a proper potman, and relied on customers and draymen to tend the cellar. Her barmaids Bet Lynch and Betty Turpin helped Annie out as best they could. One night in November 1975, Annie was accosted by 2 thugs who snuck into the pub before closing and hid so they could confront Annie for money. Albert Tatlock noticed a light on downstairs after closing. Ray Langton and Len Fairclough were alerted, and they chased the robbers off. In March 1976, Stan and Albert were locked in the cellar overnight. So the brewery appointed Fred Gee as a live in potman. Fred was a big built man, similar to how Jack Walker was, and Fred wore glasses like Jack, however Fred was much louder than Jack.

Annie kept a photo of Jack on the fire in the Rovers living quarters. She retired in mid 1984. Billy again took over the licence in July 1984 but he was ruthless, and nothing like his long dead, gentle father Jack. Billy was forced out in late 1984 by the brewery for doing dodgy deals. This bought the 47 year Walker reign of the pub to an end and Bet Lynch took over. Jack and Annie Walker would occasionally be mentioned by Bet as well as Ken Barlow and Emily.

Annie Walker stayed with her daughter Joan in Derby after 1984 to her death around 1995.

Behind the Scenes[]

Memorable info[]

Born: 27th April 1900, Accrington, Lancashire

Died: 30th June 1970 (Aged 70)

Full Name: John Walker

Parents: Amos Walker and Joan Walker (Nee Unknown)

Siblings: Arthur WalkerFred WalkerLouise WalkerGertie Walker, Jim Walker

Spouse: Annie Beaumont (1937-1970)

Children: Billy Walker (1938), Joan Walker (1940)