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Jackie Dobbs was the gobby and troublesome mother of Tyrone Dobbs. She was first seen as a cellmate of Deirdre Rachid because moving onto the street on a short-term basis from 1998 to 1999, before returning to Liverpool with her husband Darren Dobbs along with Tyrone. Tyrone moved back to the street after that, and Jackie continued to end up back in prison for multiple offenses over the next decade.

She eventually returned in Tyrone's life in 2008 when he was engaged to Molly Compton, although it was shown that she hadn't changed since her last visit to the street. She attended the wedding reception in January 2009, in which she stole tickets to Paris which were wedding gifts for Tyrone and Molly's honeymoon.

Jackie's last visit to the street was in 2010, in which she came to support Tyrone after the downfall of his marriage to Molly. However the pair reconciled, and having had enough of Jackie's troublemaking, put her out of the house and she left the street for the final time.

Jackie later passed away in July 2018, the news of which reached a devastated Tyrone.

She was played by Margi Clarke.



Jackie was born on the 26th August 1954 in Liverpool. She met a man named Darren Dobbs and moved to Weatherfield, a suburb of Salford. In December 1982, her and Darren had a son Tyrone Dobbs.


Jackie was Deirdre Rachid's cellmate when she was wrongfully locked up for fraud. Initially she was hard on Deirdre, although said it was for her own good. When Deirdre was due to be released, a protective Jackie punched out vindictive and villainous prison guard Maggie Veitch, saving Deirdre from doing it herself and risking remaining in jail. Before Deirdre left, Jackie told her that she owed her one.

Seven months later Jackie was let out on parole, and turned up at Deirdre's home with son Tyrone Dobbs in tow, looking to call in the debt.

She later began residing at Number 7 Coronation Street when owner Curly Watts was away, having convinced Alma Baldwin to let her stay there and pay rent. When Curly returned he understandably wanted his house back, but Jackie refused to budge and remained there with Tyrone. She attempted to blackmail Curly for £1,000 on the condition she will move out if receiving the money, but he refused. Her husband Darren arrived on the street to collect Jackie. Before his arrival Jackie tried to frighten Curly that Darren would sort him out, but Darren turned out to be quite a decent person despite his rough appearance, and apologised to Curly for Jackie's behaviour. Darren packed Jackie and Tyrone into the car and left the street with them.

Shortly afterwards Jackie ended up back in prison for assaulting Darren's girlfriend. Tyrone moved back to Coronation Street and ended up residing with Jack and Vera Duckworth, who became his surrogate parents and far better to him.

Between 1999 to 2008[]

Jackie wouldn't return to Coronation Street for a decade, although Tyrone did keep in occasional contact with her although it wasn't much due to Jackie still being a troublemaker.

In 2000, Jackie was meant to visit Tyrone and his fiancée Maria Sutherland but ended up arrested when she stole an engagement present for them. This resulted in her missing out on the engagement party.

In 2007, Jackie was arrested in Spain for theft, forcing Tyrone to fly over and bail her out.


Jackie returned in August 2008 when Tyrone contacted her about his engagement to Molly Compton. She had modified her appearance by dying her hair pink. It was revealed that she was in debt with Darren's old friend Scary Brian, who Jackie borrowed £500 from but now was bumped up to £1000. When Brian arrived at the Rovers Return Jackie snuck out and left Tyrone and Molly to face the music, in which he demanded them to pay him within 24 hours. To help Jackie the couple withdrew the one grand from their wedding fund and paid off Brian. Jackie is ungrateful for the gesture, which causes Tyrone to become angry at his mother's selfish attitude and Molly becomes upset. Jackie leaves the area once again.

Jackie returned in January 2009 homeless and penniless. She broke into the Duckworth household to use the toilet and tried to make Tyrone feel bad. Molly and her aunt Pam wanted Jackie out, but Tyrone took pity on his mother and allowed her to stay. Jackie attended Molly's hen night but ended up causing further disruption and was turfed out by Pam. Jackie didn't attend Tyrone and Molly's wedding, but turned up at the reception donning a black wig. She was upset when Tyrone had nothing to say about her. She pocketed Tyrone and Molly's tickets to Paris for their honeymoon and left the pub. Before leaving she looked back and had a look of pride in her face at the man Tyrone had become.

When Molly left Tyrone in February 2010 Jackie turned up at the house to support Tyrone, having learned about the breakup from Jack's friend Connie Rathbone. Jackie moved in with Tyrone and decided to finally look out for her son. She visited the Corner Shop where Molly worked and had it out with her, and the pair had a war of words in the street and had to be broken up by Tyrone. Although Jackie appeared to be turning over a new leaf she began to bring back men home and was having one night stands underneath Tyrone's roof. Tyrone reconciled with Molly after learning she was pregnant, and when Jackie attempted to cause further trouble Tyrone stood his ground and turfed his mother out. Jackie left the street afterwards, with this being her final visit.

After her departure[]

After Molly was killed in a tram crash in December 2010, Jackie was unable to attend the funeral as she was back in prison for assaulting a police officer.

Jackie never knew about Tyrone's abuse at the hands of his girlfriend Kirsty Soames. Otherwise she would have turned up and walloped Kirsty. She did not even attend Kirsty's trial in April 2013, meaning she likely didn't have knowledge of the incident.

In July 2018, Tyrone got news that Jackie had died. She was 63. She left a tape recording for Tyrone, but it ended up being destroyed. When Tyrone's "father" Darren returned for the will reading, he reluctantly revealed that Tyrone wasn't his son, and he doubted that Jackie was even his mother, as she turned up one day with Tyrone in her arms.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was played by Margi Clarke. She was introduced briefly from March to April 1998, and was brought back later in the year with the intention of being a permanent character. Her full-time return paved the way for her son Tyrone Dobbs to be introduced, who would go onto becoming one of the long-running major characters in the series.
  • Jackie was written out in 1999 due to real life problems with actress Margi Clarke, as she was still grieving over the death of her mother who was a Corrie fan. Clarke acknowledged her mistakes and how she had thrown out a great opportunity as working on Coronation Street. Nine years later when producers intended to reintroduce Jackie to tie in with Tyrone's wedding to Molly Compton, they considered recasting the part but a casting director stood up for Clarke and stated that she had cleaned her act up in the ten years since leaving the show. The producers decided to give Clarke a chance and asked her to re-audition. She believed that she was going to be playing a separate part, so dyed her hair pink for the audition. Her innovation impressed the bosses who offered her a two month contract. This led to her returning for two guest stints as Jackie, one in August 2008 and then again in January 2009.
  • Clarke returned for another brief stint from February to March 2010. This would be her final contribution to the show, as Jackie was killed off-screen over eight years later in July 2018.
  • Jackie is partially seen on a tape recording in September 2018, but it cuts out before her face could be seen, due to Clarke not being invited back for any more scenes as the character.

Memorable Information[]

Appearances: 29 March–17 April 1998, 22 November 1998–26 March 1999, 24–25 August 2008, 2–14 January 2009, 22 February–18 March 2010

Born: 24th August 1954

Died: 23rd July 2018 (Aged 63)

Full Name: Jacqueline Dobbs



Spouse: Darren Dobbs

Children: Tyrone Dobbs (1982)

Grandchildren: Ruby Dobbs