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Janice Battersby (Nee Lee) was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 4121 - 6 Jan 1997 to 2011. She was the loudmouth wife of the equally loudmouth Les Battersby. Janice appeared in the show 6 months prior to the rest of her family arriving. Janice was played by Vicky Entwhistle.



Janice Lee was born on the 17th June 1965 in Weatherfield to Rod Lee and Dottie Lee. She grew up in Newport Street, a terraced street in the area. She had a sister Janet Lee. Janice dated Ronnie Clegg in 1981 when she was 16. They had a daughter Toyah in May 1982. Janice soon met uncouth circus showman Les Battersby and they later married. Les had a daughter Leanne Battersby from a previous relationship. Toyah took on her stepfather's surname. The Battersby family gained a reputation for being a problem family, playing loud music and shouting.


Janice worked with Sally Webster at Mike's factory. In March 1997, Janice spoke to Don Brennan about how she had her workmates and been sacked by Mike Baldwin. Don hated Mike and asked Janice if she would be entitled to redundancy. She said they wouldn't. Janice seemed quite humble and docile to start with.

In June 1997 the Battersby family were rehoused and were to be given a new home. This was Coronation Street. Their new home was to be Number 5 Coronation Street. The council had bought No 5 and wanted to rehouse a troublesome family. The peace of the residents of the quiet Coronation Street was to be shattered.

In early July 1997, the Battersby family arrived at their new home Number 5 Coronation Street. Leanne and Toyah used to play their music loud and they had the TV on loud well into the night. This annoyed neighbours Percy SugdenCurly Watts, Ken Barlow and Emily Bishop as the peaceful street was being ruined by the loud family. One time Curly, who worked night shifts, had enough of their loud music and barged into the house and threw the CD player out of the upstairs window. This earned Curly a headbutting from Les. However, over time, the Battersby's integrated more and stopped playing their music loudly.

In May 1998, Les was involved in a drunk driving minor crash with a police car. Les kept a keen eye on the local papers and unfortunately for him, the incident was featured. When Janice discovered the truth about this incident she threw Les out. Janice and Les were later reunited after Les begged for forgiveness and sung 'I'm Not In Love' to Janice in the street. In the autumn of 1998, Les and Janice went to London to look for Toyah after she ran away.

In 2001, Janice felt that at just 36, being married to Les made her feel 66, so she began an affair with Dennis Stringer and eventually left Les to be with him, but tragedy struck on New Year's Eve when Dennis was involved in a car accident when driving Les to hospital after a failed suicide attempt and he died in January 2002. Janice was devastated and lashed out at Les, claiming she wished he had died instead and would never forgive him.

Following her departure (2011-)[]

Janice was unable to attend Leanne's 30th birthday party in July 2011 as she was in France with Trevor, although did send her a card. At some point afterwards, Janice and Trevor separated. In 2014 she hurt her leg when house-sitting for Toyah in Liverpool, forcing Leanne to tend to her aid. Toyah and Leanne visit Janice from time to time, and went to see her on Christmas in 2017.


List of addresses[]

Address Duration
Newport Street, Weatherfield 1965 to c.1982
Oldman c.1982 to c.1984
5 Coronation Street 4th July 1997 to 25th November 2001
Chapman Street 26th November 2001 to 21st January 2002
Ecclesall Road, Sheffield 21st January 2002 to 10th February 2002
12 Coronation Street 10th February 2002 to 19th February 2002
14a Victoria Street 19th February 2002 to 25th March 2011
France 2011 to 2014
Liverpool 2014 onwards

Employment history[]

Role Institution Duration
Machinist Underworld January 1997 to 21st March 2011
Dishwasher Restaurant in France 2011

Memorable info[]

Born: 17th June 1965

Full Name: Janice Battersby (Nee Lee)

ParentsRod Lee and Dottie Lee

Siblings: Janet Lee

Spouse: Les Battersby (1994)

Children: Toyah Battersby (1982)

Stepchildren: Leanne Battersby


  • The Battersby's were the rough, uncouth family bought into the show in 1997 by producer Brian Park in his bid to make the show more modern. However, Janice first appeared in January 1997, 6 months prior to her husband and children appearing in July.
  • In 1998, Janice heard about the demolition of the street she grew up in when she read The Weatherfield Gazette. She scoffed at the idea.